Favorites Advance to the 2019 WCS Global Finals Playoffs

Published: Oct 28, 2019

The most important StarCraft II tournament of the year is quickly approaching its conclusion, as the 2019 WCS Global Finals playoffs are underway. At the end of this week, the best players in the world will fight for the lion’s share of a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $700,000. The 2019 StarCraft II World Championship Series quarterfinals are scheduled for November 1, just a few days after the group stage has ended. Six South Koreans are still in the race, but the main favourite is Finland’s Serral.

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2019 WCS Global Finals Format and Prizes

32 players have qualified for the 2019 StarCraft II World Championship Series, with more than half of them being South Koreans. These were the most successful participants in the WCS Korea and the WCS Circuit, including the IEM Katowice Champion. 16 of them were eliminated in the qualification round, but they were still awarded a consolation prize ranging from $4500-$8000. These amounts represent only a tiny percentage of the massive prize pool, with a significant chunk being reserved to the Top 16.

Eight South Korean players have participated in the group stage of the 2019 WCS Global Finals main event and six of them have advanced to the playoffs. They were joined by Mexican Reynor and Finnish Serral, with the latter being the main favourite to win the tournament. Zerg players were the most successful during the group stage, while a single Terran was able to earn a spot in the quarterfinals. Maru is the only one keeping the dream alive for Terran players, after barely advancing from the second place.

Serral Returns to Dominant Form at the WCS Global Finals

The Finnish superstar has crushed opponents in the group stage, winning all six matches and will now face Soo in the quarterfinals. He’s expected to advance to the next stage of the playoffs, where he is likely to face another Zerg opponent. We’re already certain to have at least one person playing this race in the next stage and there’s a strong possibility for another mirror match.

Reynor is the only other non-South Korean players still in the race and he had the first chance to make it to the semi finals. He was dominant in the group stage against Protoss opponents and will face one in the person of Trap on November 1. The South Korean has had a lot of problems in defeating Zerg players, so this series is likely to go the distance, with a slight edge for the Mexican.

Maru Braces for the Zerg Swarm in the WCS Global Quarterfinals

The famous South Korean Terran player is yet to face a Zerg opponent, but he will have to defeat two, if he is to qualify to the finals. He starts with the second chance against Dark in the quarterfinals and if he prevails, he will likely face Rogue. The Zerg plays against Classic and the odds offered by most bookmakers accurately reflect his prowess against Protoss opponents.

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