FaZe Clan Reveals 2022 Valorant Team

Published: Jan 27, 2022

FaZe Clan is entering the second season of the Valorant Champions Tour with a brand new team. Yesterday, the organisation signed the former 100 Thieves star, Quan “dicey” Tran, Teal Seam’s Xavier “flyuh” Carlson, ex-Elysium Christopher “LarryBanks” Doyi, and the ex-Immortals Andrew “ShoT_UP” Orlowski.

Of course, Andrej “babybay” Francisty is still there to complete the roster as one of the last remaining members of the original FaZe Clan Valorant team. The team will debut in the VCT: NA Open Qualifier 1 on January 27th.

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Sorting Out The Roles

So here we have a fantastic lineup with some high-caliber players that all perform incredibly well on an individual level. But the real question is – how will they perform together? Let’s analyze the team.

So first of all, we have babybay who was the main MVP of the FaZe 2021 team in Valorant Champions Tour. He’s one of the deadliest Jett players who uses the agent’s mobility to play extremely aggressively. It would make no sense to force babybay to switch agents so we believe he’ll stay on Jett for now.

But that leaves us with dicey who’s also a well-known Jett player. He’ll probably play the secondary duelist but perhaps as Reyna or Raze. He might just end up playing a totally different role in the end, but these are our current predictions.

Now here comes another problem. ShoT_UP also plays Reyna a lot, so what will he do if dicey assumes that role? Perhaps something more support-oriented like Skye? It’s difficult to say at this point.

And lastly, we have LarryBanks and flyuh. LarryBanks could be an easy Sova pick for FaZe, while flyuh could play either Viper, Killjoy, or Astra. Maybe even Sage or Cypher. He’s quite versatile.

The squad looks pretty great. If FaZe Clan manage to strike a good balance between the different roles in the team, they could end up being one of the top teams in NA this season.

Tempering Expectations

If we take a look at FaZe’s 2021 Valorant Champions Tour timeline, we’ll be able to see that they actually performed quite well, especially in the early stages.

They won the Stage 1 Challengers 3 and finished 2nd in the Stage 1 Masters event that followed. Stage two went by without FaZe doing much and we finally saw them in Stage 3 during VCT: Challengers 2 where they once again finished 2nd. All in all, they had a pretty good run.

But this year’s Valorant Champions Tour will probably have much more competition so it’s best to have a healthy dose of skepticism. The team is packed with big names, but we still don’t know how well they’ll function together. I guess we’ll see soon enough as the VCT: NA Open Qualifier 1 starts today.

We’ll follow the tournament and make sure to keep you updated on all Valorant esports news.

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