FaZe Clan and Disney Announce Year-Long Partnership

Published: May 26, 2022

There are quite a lot of interesting partnerships occurring this year, but unlike most which are focused on esports organizations and crypto sites, this one is a bit different. The FaZe Clan announced a project called The Armory quite some time ago. That project has already collaborated a couple of times with a keyboard brand called Ducky, and the legendary anime, Naruto Shippuden.


Mickey Mouse joins the merch!

One thing that none of us thought would happen, even with all the shenanigans that esports betting brought to most of us, is to see the big house of Mickey Mouse collaborating with an esports organization.

Of course, it is not an organization we are talking about, as FaZe is known to be one of the best in the world when it comes to esports related to first-person shooters. In fact, Faze won the PGL Major not that long ago.

The merch sold with Mickey Mouse is going to feature a new unique twist on the classic symbol, and it is called “ Mickey On The Grid.” All merch from this collaboration is going to be available in stores on May 28th & 29th, and it will be available online on May 30th. The Armory is located on Fairfax and Melrose in LA, but as mentioned, if you cannot make it to California, you can get it the day after retail availability online instead.

Can we expect some other things?

Because the collaboration is a whole year long, it should be no surprise if we see newer drops that feature other characters owned by the Disney corporation. Considering that FaZe was trusted to create something with Mickey Mouse, who is probably their most iconic character, seeing others in the near future is almost guaranteed.

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