FaZe Picks Up First Loss In Final Week Of Stage 2 Groups

Posted on April 5, 2021 - Last Updated on July 17, 2023

It wasn’t the result the internet had predicted, but Atlanta FaZe was shaken this week by a decisive and damning loss, following an eleven-match win streak in the Call of Duty League. However, while many thought this loss would come at the hands of the London Royal Ravens (myself included) it was actually mid-table side the Los Angeles Guerrillas who made the overwhelming play.

In a surprising sweep, the Los Angeles Guerrillas moved on to decimate the LA Thieves this week, handing them a crushing 3 – 0 defeat to cap off their week of play. It was a stunning result for the Los Angeles Guerrillas Home Series, with the titular team picking up some desperately needed points ahead of the oncoming Major Tournament II.

OpTic Chicago Returns to Form

Although the week started with a stock-standard 3 – 0 wipe of Florida Mutineers at the hands of the Dallas Empire, it would be the Empire that would eventually fall prey to a prepared predator of their own. In the closing match of the week – the last before the Major Tournament commences – OpTic Chicago proved all the naysayers wrong, going toe-to-toe with the reigning champions to produce a 3 – 2 victory.

The highlight of the series, and potentially the week, was most certainly Scump’s 1 v 1 with last year’s MVP of the Season, Shotzzy.

It was no big secret around the Call of Duty League that OpTic Chicago was having a rough time last week, falling against both Minnesota Rokkr and the Florida Mutineers and not winning a single map in either series. However, the victory over Dallas was preceded by a 3 – 0 over Seattle Surge, who has been playing with a much better form in the last week or two – it was a valid win, no doubt.

Ravens Aren’t Looking so Royal

Unfortunately, I do have to draw attention to a less-than-expected performance from one particular team, and that’s the London Royal Ravens. It seemed to be going well for the side: they picked up a win against the Guerrillas and the LA Thieves, and although they lost to NYSL on the 27th, it was a well-fought match.

This week, that all went out the window, and the Ravens gave up a 3 – 0 loss to both Toronto Ultra and Atlanta FaZe. It was an underwhelming return to form for the Ravens, who were effectively slaughtered by these dominant sides – the FaZe face-off wasn’t even a competition so much as it was a massacre.

Here’s a little bit of information: Dylan (LRR) produced an overall KD of just 0.48 for that series – maybe don’t rely on this underdog for your Call of Duty betting.

Elsewhere, Paris Legion, Minnesota Rokkr, and the New York Subliners looked strong; the Florida Mutineers secured just one map across the entire week, and of course, the seeding is now set for the Major Tournament II. With a $200,000 grand prize on the line, which of our competing teams can bring the dominance to secure the ultimate victory?

It quite literally is anyone’s game in the Major, and we’re expecting some big upsets this time around.

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