Fetch.ai And Immortals Announced Partnership Agreement

Published: Dec 9, 2021

In the latest of what has been a spate of agreements announced between leading esports organizations and cryptocurrency and NFT-based partners, North American esports giants Immortals have announced their own deal with AI-based company Fetch.ai.

Having recently relocated its main company HQ from Los Angeles to the Great Lakes region, the company has now agreed terms on a year-long deal with Fetch.ai, a key part of which will be the two companies collaborating on a new influencer campaign.

The team that will form part of the campaign includes Immortals’ Wild Rift player GosuHoon, Queens Gaming Collective content creators and streamers Demisux and AvaGG as well as Sheila “Pterodactylsftw’ Weidman, a popular VALORANT content creator.

Brand Ambassadors

The campaign will see the four-strong team serve as brand ambassadors for Fetch.ai and they will use their presence online to publicise and participate in a number of new online events to help drive engagement.

Planned activities as part of the campaign include live streams which will allow viewers to win branded merchandise as well as Non-Fungible Tokens. Other prizes will include custom-branded jerseys and Twitch streams.

Image Credits | Immortals

This will be the first opportunity for the Cambridge-based Fetch.ai to work alongside an esports organization. Currently, the company is hard at work on developing its own machine-learning service which they claim will allow companies to access “the power of AI on a world-scale dataset”.

“Industry-Leading Technology”

Commenting about the partnership, the VP of Partnerships and Activation at Immortals, Brett McGrew, commented:

As Fetch.ai enters the gaming space for the first time, we’re able to serve as an authentic platform for their brand by integrating them with our expanding influencer roster.

We look forward to working with the Fetch.ai team to bring their brand to life through engaging activations that showcase their industry leading technology.

Slightly Different Partnership

While other North American organizations such as Team Liquid and FaZe Clan have also agreed deals with cryptocurrency companies in recent times, this Immortals agreement does appear to be a slightly different type of partnership to the others.

While other partnerships tend to be focused on the integration of NFTs and Crypto within the organization’s framework, to allow them to monetize and capitalise on streamers and fans interest through a number of innovative crypto and NFT-based promotions and activations, this new Immortals deal looks slightly different.

This time, it appears that rather than focusing on Crypto and NFTs, the aim of this deal will be to drive up engagement and activations by focusing more on the esports and content creation aspect of the team.

There’s plenty of scope here for Immortals to involve themselves in other aspects of the industry too, possibly including esports betting, although how that would fit in alongside what the Immortals organization offers currently may be a little trickier to implement.

Continuing A Trend

The new deal between Immortals and Fetch.ai continues a trend of major esports organizations partnering with NFT and Crypto-based companies for the betterment of both.

It is likely that many more esports organizations are going to follow with similar agreements as the benefits to both the esports organization and the crypto-based company in question are potentially too great an opportunity to ignore.

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