FIFA 21 Team of the Year voting begins today

Posted on January 7, 2021 - Last Updated on July 24, 2023

FIFA 21 Team of the Year voting will start today, January 7th. This is an important period in the games FUT promotional calendar. A lot has changed over the past year but one thing that seems like it has remained the same is the FIFA Team of the Year.

Team of the Year

Much like their Team of the Week voting, every January, fans from around the world can get together and vote on the best players in the sport. Some players have maintained their dominant place as some of the best in the game *cough* Ronaldo *cough*, while others have become breakout stars and shocked even some of the hardcore fans.

This year, the voting period began a little later than usual but, like every year before, come January we all know that we can vote on the Team of the Year.

The reward at the end of the voting period is the bonuses and promos that will be applied to their cards. When the Team of the Year cards are released, expect them to go like gang busters. We may have to wait some time until the cards are released.

Last year the Team of the Year squad for FIFA 20 was revealed on Monday, January 6 at 5 pm UK time, ahead of the new FUT cards arriving in packs at 6 pm UK time. The voting last year began in December and now that it has been pushed back, it may be late January until we see them release. In fact, the current Headliners promotion that is running on FUT is not due to run out for another week. When it ends on the 14th of January that will leave an open space for the Team of the Year promotion.


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FIFA Esports

This could be the shot in the arm that the game needs. FIFA betting and FIFA esports as a whole have been on the decline for the past year. The complete shutdown of FIFA’s esports scene due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused personal upheaval, a loss of income, and a lack of direction as to the future of the sport.

Before the shutdown, like many other esports, the scene was supported by global tournaments that drew teams from around the world together. They could meet up, socialise, and play competitive games. Now that the whole esports ecosystem has moved online, can FIFA keep up?

They have held the eChallenger Series that pitted some esports pros against real footballers but that was more of an exhibition match. For the sport to survive, and more importantly, to thrive it requires a significant investment. Not just from EA and FIFA but also from the Football clubs themselves, this is a major pipeline into the sport, and it should be supported.


It seems too easy to predict players like Ronaldo, Messi, or Neymar. They are consistently at the top of their game and you could fill a book with all the posturing and critiques of their play. Instead, I’ll let a bit of my Liverpool bias shine through and make some predictions for players.

ST: Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich: He won Player of the Year, an absolute beast, seems like a shoe in for the win.

LW: Sadio Mane – Liverpool: This could be my bias but the front three at Liverpool are always amazing players, but Mane has consistently come out on top.

CAM: Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City: One of best, a complete footballer.

LB: Alphonso Davies – Bayern Munich: A relatively new player but his performance this year shows the potential he has to dominate the sport.

GK: Alisson Becker – Liverpool: Another bit of bias but he is an absolutely consistent goalkeeper.

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