EA’s FIFA Face-Off To Feature Jason Sudeikis And Trevor Noah

Published: Mar 19, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 24, 2023

We’re sitting in the middle of the FIFA 21 Global Series Qualifiers, but that isn’t all that’s coming out of the camp of the world’s most popular football title. In a bid to expand its exposure and reach new, real-world fans, EA has released details on its fresh, one-of-a-kind community event, FIFA Face-Off.

FIFA Face-Off promises to be an entertaining combination of big-screen talent and honest-to-God FIFA footballing action, with professional competitors teaming up with big-name celebrities. In this two-part special event, which will be streamed on Youtube and Twitch, celebrity players join forces with FIFA influencers and pro players in a bid to win a $25,000 cash prize.

Among the roster of celebrities taking part in the event are Jason Sudeikis, Trevor Noah, Becky G, and Nicky Jam. The teams for the first episode were published on EA Sports FIFA’s Twitter channel:

It’s an innovative and engaging event from which the community will benefit, rather than just the competitors involved. After all, the Face-Off concept started with a community-wide event, with EA inviting FIFA’s players one and all to take part in this special feature.

Reportedly, many tens of thousands of players submitted their application to take part in this event, with just four of them making the final cut. It’s an unbelievable opportunity for these players and it’ll earn them a fair cut of exposure, particularly as the popularity of FIFA esports appears to be on the rise.

Trevor Noah FIFA Face Off
Image Credits | EA Sports

In February, the BBC announced it would be broadcasting the European Qualifiers of the FIFA 21 Global Series tournament, a landmark decision that helped bring FIFA into the mainstream limelight. However, this event stretches things a little further, enticing viewers in with the surreal prospect of seeing real-world celebrities match up with the influencers they know and love.

In a statement regarding the event, the Group Director and Commissioner of FIFA Competitive Gaming, Brent Koning, said:

EA Sports FIFA once upon a time only simulated football matches, but now, it is world football culture, driving global conversation and enhancing how fans all around the world engage with the sport. We believe the key to growing our fanbases is tapping into celebrity and unique world-class events to create competitive gaming entertainment for our fans.

To kickstart this event, teams will select their line-up from the FIFA Ultimate Team pool, which offers a diverse array of both legendary and rookie players – it’s up to the teams who they play with. Once the players are picked, the competitors will face-off in a two-legged tournament to decide the ultimate victor from both the celebrity and influencer categories.

The first round of this mini-tournament is due to take place today, the 19th March, with the second leg being streamed on the 26th of March. If you’d like to get involved further, EA will be hosting various minigames that take place throughout the streams, as a little incentive and to keep audiences entertained throughout.

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