FIFAe Continental Cup Betting Preview – Odds, Tips & Predictions

Posted on September 11, 2023

As one of the several post-season FIFA events, the FIFAe Continental Cup celebrates FIFA esports in Asia. Accordingly, in this FIFAe Continental Cup betting preview, we’re taking a closer look at the odds, tips and predictions for this highly anticipated event.

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Event Overview

Start Date13th September
Finish Date17th September

FIFAe Continental Cup – Format

Participating in this particular event are the following teams, differentiated into 4 pools of 4 depending on their ranking which also is worth considering for FIFA betting:

Pot 1KT Rolster, Manchester City, FaZe Clan, Progamer
Pot 2Wolves, GRATZ, TOM, MS Chonburi
Pot 3Team Elite, Triple Six, ACE Gaming, NAVY Stars
Pot 4Miraen Sejong MCD, Beijing Born To Win, Team Flash TH, The Challenger

Teams have seeded from all over the world, such as Thailand, China, South Korea and Vietnam.

With regards to the format, all 16 teams have been divided into two groups of eight teams each for the Group Stage. Within each group, a double elimination bracket is planned with teams seeding 2 teams from each pot.

Here are the seeded teams for each Group, who’ll face one another and the FIFA esports odds:

  • A: Manchester City, Beijing BTW, TOM, ACE Gaming, FaZe Clan, Miraen Sejong MCD, MS Chonburi, Triple Six
  • B: KT Rolster, Team Flash, Wolves Esports, NAVY Stars, ProGamer, The Challenger, GRATZ, Team Elite

In order to make it to the Final Stage, the top 2 in each group advance to the Final Stage with BO5 matches.

Once in the Final Stage, a single elimination bracket will decide the competition from the last 8 standing teams.

Event Schedule

As a primer, here’s a taste of the schedule for the opening matches for Group A and B:

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals – Group A – 13th September

  • Manchester City vs Beijing BTW (08:20 CEST)
  • TOM vs ACE Gaming (10:20 CEST)
  • FaZe Clan vs MCD (12:20 CEST)
  • MS Chonburi vs Triple Six (14:20 CEST)

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals – Group B – 13th September

  • KT Rolster vs Team Flash (08:20 CEST)
  • Wolves Esports vs NAVY Stars (10:20 CEST)
  • ProGamers vs The Challenger (12:20 CEST)
  • GRATZ vs Team Elite (14:20 CEST)

FIFAe Continental Cup Betting Preview

FIFAe Continental Cup Betting Preview

Ahead of this year’s FIFAe Continental Cup, there are a number of things to consider for your FIFAe Continental Cup betting.

Launched since 2020, let’s take a look at the past three years of winners at previous FIFA esports tournaments below:

  • 2020: #1 Purple Mood E-Sport (Thiland), #2 SANDBOX Gaming (South Korea)
  • 2021: #1 WhizFox (South Korea), #2 FaZe Clan (Thailand)
  • 2022: #1 ProGamer (Vietnam), #2 Crazy Win (South Korea)

Overall, all of the subregions have had a piece of the cake, with Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam on top of things.

Another thing to consider for betting and predictions is the ranking of the top 5 teams participating based on the FIFA Online 4 Points system:

RankingTeamFO4 Points
1stKT Rolster400
2ndManchester City 270
3rdFaZe Clan189

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