First Ever RPG Slot Game Hits Casinos from Evoplay Entertainment

Published: Feb 28, 2020

In the 1980s, a new craze developed called Dungeons and Dragons, which saw people participate in text-based adventure games, often set in fantastical realms and worlds, where they would battle (using dice) all kinds of fearsome creatures to try and complete their quest. This led to the development of the role-playing game genre in computer games that allowed players to play through their quest using a controller, mouse or keypad.

Of course, in the slots industry, there are also a large number of games based on fantasy, adventure, and excitement, but until now, we have never seen a slot game that offered a genuine role-playing element.

Evoplay Entertainment’s new release Dungeon: Immortal Evil has now altered that and is the first true RPG-based slot game.

Slash and Hack Adventure

In development for over a year, the HTML5-based Dungeon:Immortal Evil slot is the first-ever slot that also offers a slash and hack role-playing element to the game. Viewed from a third-person perspective, the camera will follow the adventurer as they tackle the many different levels in the game.

Each spin of the slot offers players the chance to tackle a new journey. The slot element is kept by the use of a random number generator to decide the type of dungeon and monsters that the player will face on each journey.

On their journey, players will battle monsters and other enemies in an attempt to win a variety of cash prizes. Players defeating monsters will win loot and each piece of loot base on how unusual, rare or common it is, can be converted into an instant cash prize.


Arcade Skills Not Required

Unlike some games, such as the esports betting favorites Dota 2 or League of Legends, there is no physical skill required in order to play the game. You cannot practice Dungeon: Immortal Evil and get better at the game, as the outcomes of your battles are decided by the random number generator in the same way that the outcome of a spin is decided by the RNG on a slot game.

One nice touch is that as a player battles their way through a dungeon, defeating enemies, they can unlock this game’s equivalent of a Free Spins bonus round. However, in true battle game terms, they will face an end of level ‘boss’ who is a stronger and more fearsome character, but who if defeated, will offer the player more significant financial rewards (up to 5,000x their bet).

Assistance on their Quest

Each time a player has a spin on the game, they will set off on a new quest and if they can defeat the level boss, then they can earn items to help them on their next adventure, such as a better weapon, better armor or a health potion.

Speaking about the release, Ivan Kravchuk of Evoplay Entertainment stated:

“At Evoplay Entertainment, we’re always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to gaming. The result of over a year’s dedication from our fantastic team, Dungeon: Immortal Evil is designed for the next generation of player who values an immersive experienced beyond the typical ‘spin and win’.

“As the industry’s first RPG (think first-person adventure) slot, we’ve had to start from scratch when it comes to building it from the ground up. Everything from game design to game mechanics – it has literally been a labour of love for us to create something that can be called truly new in the industry, and we can’t wait to see what players make of it.”

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