Flamengo Los Grandes vs Netshoes Miners: CBLOL 2022 Picks and Predictions

Posted on July 29, 2022

Flamengo Los Grandes will square off against Miners on Sunday as the round robin stage of CBLOL draws closer to its completion. Neither team has turned in many performances of note this split, but the Miners have a lot to gain from a win this game. A victory over Flamenco will take them one step closer to sealing their qualification for the playoffs, while a loss will make the standings much more competitive. The League of Legends betting predictions tip Miners as the favorites to win this one.

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Predictions: Netshoes Miners to win

Odds: 1.54

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: Sunday, July 31, 19:00 CEST

Flamengo Los Grandes

Previously Flamengo Esports, the team was renamed a couple of months ago following the partial acquisition of Simplicity One, their parent company. Flamengo have been one of the most successful teams in the CBLOL, having won the title once in 2019 and generally finishing with good standings in the round robin.

This year, however, their performances have drastically deteriorated. They finished ninth in the first split this year, and now are currently ranked eighth on the standings. Four wins and ten defeats means that Flamengo have only won 29 percent of their games. Now they’re on a four-match streak of losses, going down in succession over the last two weeks to ⁠KaBuM! e-Sports, Liberty, INTZ and Red Canids.

Their morale will likely be at an all-time low, and the side will have to pull it together if they’re to have any hope of qualification. They had a rough start to their tournament, undergoing successive defeats to Kabum and LOUD in their opening games. Flamengo did manage to do some damage control, completing wins over Liberty, INTZ and Rensga in the next round of matches.

But that was as good as things were going to get; after that they succumbed to consecutive losses against Miners, Furia and Pain Gaming. They beat LOUD, which lifted some of the pressure off them. Then began their downward spiral as they sank to one defeat after the next, and they haven’t been able to win since. According to the LoL odds, the chances of them beating Miners are low.

Flamengo’s creep score per minute stands at 31.9. Their DPM is the lowest among teams, currently only 1773. Their kill to death ratio is 0.69, and they’ve taken 10.5 kills but suffered 15.1 deaths per game.

Image Credits | Netshoes Miners

Netshoes Miners

Miners have won seven of their games this season, their win-loss ratio even at 50%. Since they began participating in the league in 2021, they’ve shown a slow but steady improvement. It’s been a middling campaign so far, but still a step up from how they finished last split. They won two of their first four games, the victories occurring against INTZ and Rensga, but after that their fortunes took a nosedive.

Across the next two weeks they would be pitted against the tournament’s strongest teams, and lost three of the next four against Red Canids, Pain Gaming and LOUD. That was their lowest point in the tournament, with just three wins from nine games and they only seemed to be sinking deeper into the mire. At that point they seem to have decided they had nothing to lose, and went into their next few games gun blazing.

And the change in their results was dramatic. They beat Liberty and INTZ, and even found themselves on the winning side against Red Canids, the team that’s been almost impossible to beat this split. Miners had only beaten Red once prior to this game, and the victory they pulled off when they were on the brink of elimination will be one they will cherish for a long time. That win evened out their ratio and lifted them on the standings, and though they went down again to Pain Gaming, the boost to their morale was invaluable. Though the Miners’ start to the split wasn’t great, going by their current form the LoL predictions indicate they are more than likely to take down the struggling Flamenco.

Flamengo vs Miners Prediction

Miners have taken 11.6 kills and 12.8 deaths per game, and their kill to death ratio stands at 0.81. Their tower destruction rate is 5.8, and they’ve lost 6.1 per game. They’ve maintained a creep score of 31.9, and inflicted damage per minute at the rate of 2051. While that is middling, we think Flamengo are a bit too strong.

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