Flashpoint Season 2 Returns With a $1,000,000 Prize Pool and 12 Teams

Posted on October 23, 2020 - Last Updated on October 13, 2021

Three of the top CS:GO teams will join the founding members of Flashpoint in the new 2nd season to compete for the $1,000,000 prize pool.

Flashpoint, owned by B Site Inc., announced yesterday the teams that would be competing in the 2nd season of their tournament series. We will see the return of seven of the initial eight founding members of the league (FunPlus Phoenix will not be participating due to its roster rebuild), the three new teams announced are Fnatic, BIG, and OG. Prior to this recent announcement, Virtus Pro and forZe also qualified for the tournament.

This means that the 12 teams competing in Flashpoint 2 will include globally ranked BIG (#7), OG (#8), Fnatic (#12), forZe eSports (#26) and Virtus.pro (#27), along with B Site founding teams Gen.G (#22), Cloud9 (#23), c0ntact, Dignitas, Team Envy, MAD Lions and MIBR.

The commissioner of Flashpoint, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, had this to say about the event, “We’re pumped to be back with Flashpoint 2 to further deliver on our promise for raw and unfiltered entertainment for our fans with the largest prize pools of 2020 with arguably the coolest trophy in all of sports. We’re eager to watch our storylines unfold including the emergence of BIG and OG this year, how the rebuilt rosters of some of our teams such as Cloud9 will compete and if MAD Lions can defend its title.”

In the last inaugural season, MAD Lions took down MIBR 2-1 to take home the win and $500,000. This season will run from November 10th until December 5th.

Last season winners MAD Lions will be sporting a new roster
Image Credits | DreamHack

The tournament will bring together several teams who have gone through recent overhauls. Cloud9 will debut its new colossus roster at the event led by Alex “ALEX” McMeekin, while MAD Lions, Gen.G, c0ntact, Dignitas, Envy, and MIBR are all set to showcase new additions, some of whom are still yet to be announced.

The tournament will be played online, but all teams are required to be situated in Europe in order to compete on a level playing field. In order to maintain competitive play, the teams need to have the same server response times.

It will be hard to predict the winner of the tournament this year. With most of the teams entering into the tournament with new rosters, previous winner MAD Lions has almost completely swapped out its old roster. Now with the entry of some of the very top teams in the world to the tournament, there is no sure bet.


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