Fnatic and Guild Esports Secure VCT EMEA Upper Bracket Semifinals

Published: Jun 8, 2022

After a roller coaster that was week 4 of the VCT EMEA Challengers 2, we’re finally able to see a clear picture of the final group stage standings.

Fnatic and Guild Esports have both outperformed the rest in their respective groups and have secured early semifinal seeds in the playoffs.

FunPlus Phoenix and Acend have both managed to defeat their opponents in week 4 and claimed the 2nd and 3th spots in group A. Together with Fnatic, they’re the only three teams in the group to make it into the playoffs.

The only team in group B, except Guild Esports, to secure a playoff spot was Team Liquid. They defeated Natus Vincere with 2 – 1 in a tense best-of-three battle and propelled themselves to the 2nd spot. M3 Champions suffered an unexpected loss against BIG and will have to fight to keep their third spot in week 5.

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G2 Esports is Out

The match between Acend and G2 Esports was a highly anticipated one. The EMEA fans expected a real showdown and they got one.

This was a crucial match for both teams and neither could afford to lose it. Acend had to win to instantly qualify for the playoffs, while G2 had to win to avoid elimination. Both teams were putting everything on the line.

The match began with G2 Esports taking the lead, finishing the first map on Split with 13 – 3. After such a devastating loss, one might have expected Acend to crumble and allow G2 Esports a 2 – 0 snowball they were hoping for. However, things didn’t quite end that way.

Acend continued to battle G2 on Icebox, trying to bring the ball back into their court. By the time the first half ended, both teams were tied and it looked like the match could turn into anyone’s favour. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Acend managed to turn the tide of battle and successfully closed the second map with 13 – 10.

After avoiding total disaster, Acend were now fully motivated to continue their momentum and take Bind as well. However, G2 Esports were still not done and continued the pressure on Acend.

Initially, it worked well, and G2 were able to establish a solid 7 – 5 lead in the first half. However, Acend bounced back in the second half and turned the tables once again, finishing the match with 13 – 11.

The final score was 2 – 1 for Acend and G2 Esports were out. It was an incredible match that both groups of fans were satisfied with. Neither team gave up until the very end, which is what every Valorant esports match should look like.

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M3 Champions in Dire Straits

Unlike other favourites in the tournament, the Russians faced a severe setback in week 4 that could cost them the esports tournament. They were facing BIG, who had previously lost all their matches and were sitting at the bottom of group B. What was expected to be a landslide win for M3, soon turned to a disaster.

BIG started strong on Ascent and applied heavy pressure on M3 Champions, which they probably didn’t expect. Instead of dictating the pace of the match, like they usually do, M3 Champions found themselves struggling to retake control.

The Germans realised they were in an advantageous position and quickly wrapped things up in the first map. The end score was 13 – 9 and the teams were about to play on Bind, which was BIG’s map pick.

M3 Champions dropped the ball on Ascent, but they hoped to salvage the situation on Bind and take the series into the third map. However, BIG were not having that and immediately continued the onslaught and gave M3 no room to breathe. And just like in the previous map, BIG secured yet another 13 – 9 score and took the series.

This match gave BIG a fighting chance, while putting M3 at incredible risk. BIG will play BBL Esports in week 5, where they have a pretty good shot at winning. Meanwhile, M3 will have to beat Team Liquid and Natus Vincere will fight Guild Esports. All in all, the Valorant odds are looking quite good for BIG. They might just pull this off.

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