Fnatic is Preparing to Win Its First Title in 6 Months at ESL Pro League

Published: Apr 11, 2020

The European competition of ESL Pro League Season 11 only has two matches left to be played. We’re about to enter the Playoffs Stage, which consists of one Semifinal and one Grand Final, and only three of the initial 18 participants are still around. This article includes a summary of what went on in Stage 1 and Stage 2 and an analysis of what is likely to happen in Stage 3.

Summary of the First Two Stages

The 18 participants that were present at the start of ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe were split into 3 separate groups. The results were as follows:

Group A

Group B

Group C

After the Group Stage ended, some decider matches followed and when those ended as well, there were only 6 teams left. These teams competed in Stage 2 of ESL Pro League Season 11. The results of this stage were as follows:

The big disappointment here was Na’Vi. The team looked poorly prepared at the start of the tournament but still managed to win its group and then start Stage 2 with 2 consecutive wins. So in total, s1mple and his squad won 5 matches in a row and looked really strong. But then they lost two key disputes and ended up in 4th place at the end of Stage 2, which means we won’t see them in the Playoffs. Instead, we will see Fnatic in the Grand Final, playing against the winner of the Semifinal: Astralis vs. mousesports.

ESL Pro League Season 11 Live Odds:


Team Analysis

The Playoffs Stage of ESL Pro League Season 11 will feature only two matches. The best three teams of Stage 2 will decide in one Semifinal and one Grand Final who the winner is. Let’s take a quick look at each of these teams.


For the past two years, Astralis has been one of the best CS:GO teams in the world, either dominating the scene by being ranked 1st or staying in the top 3. They won numerous trophies, back to back Majors and had an absolutely fabulous run, that would make any team from any esport envious at their prowess and consistency.


Astralis defeated mousesports just a few days ago, winning the match with ease. Not only did they not lose a single map. They did not lose a single half and dropped just four rounds in total. This was a pure demonstration of skill that clearly proved who’s the boss. So I don’t think that mousesports can recover from that and win the Semifinal. That being said, Astralis will face their nemesis, Fnatic, in the Grand Final if they outclass their Semifinal opponent. Fnatic already defeated them once in Stage 2 of ESL Pro League Season 11, so that match is going to be tough.


Mousesports started this season with a title at ICE Challenge. This was an important event and Na’Vi was the Grand Final opponent. Mousesports clearly demonstrated that they were now a world-class team again. But it’s going to be hard for them to reach the Grand Final here. As I said before, the Semifinal opponent they’ll face has already demolished them just a few days ago.



Fnatic is the big favorite to win the trophy at ESL Pro League Season 11. This would be their first important victory in the last 6 months. And I think they’re going to succeed. Unless Astralis plays a perfect game, Fnatic should be able to repeat their Stage 2 performance and walk away with the win. If by some miracle mousesports manages to be the Danish team, then Fnatic’s mission will be so much easier. In both cases, the Swedes have the best chance of winning.

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