Fnatic Launches Blockchain Based Fan Club

Published: Mar 31, 2022

Fnatic are one of the biggest names in European esports and through the companies partnership deal with Crypto.com, a fast-growing cryptocurrency platform, they have now decided to capitalise on their popularity.

To that end, Crypto.com have helped Fnatic set up a new membership programme, which will allow fans to sign up and support the team online, and in return they will gain access to a number of digital and physical events.

This will also include access to specialist content, a chance to meet and greet some of the Fnatic professionals, take part in collaborations and more.

It is, in essence, a Fnatic fan club, but there is one big difference to the standard fan club and that is that this one is entirely based on the Polygon blockchain.

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Crypto.com Key Role In Development Of New Membership Programme

There is no doubt that Fnatic’s partnership with Crypto.com has been central to the development of the membership programme.

Crypto.com’s blockchain expertise and experience has enabled Fnatic to design their bespoke fan service to ensure that they “connect and engage in completely new ways” with their fan base.

Members will sign up to the scheme by using NFT keys that can be linked directly to an individual member. These keys are housed on the Polygon blockchain, a more energy-efficient blockchain than one used by services like Bitcoin.

Currently, fans of Fnatic will be able to select from three tiers of membership when they sign up:

Of course, the greater the value of the membership that you sign up with, then the greater the variety and value of the rewards that you will have access to.

In addition to the rewards we listed earlier in the article, membership of the programme is also believed to grant you access to discounts in merchandise and other items sold at the Fnatic shop as well as being able to receive one annual loot box per year, which will be worth at least $100.

Members will also get a team pro-jersey, but it is not stated which level of membership will be eligible for any or all of these rewards and it is likely that free “Citizen” members may miss out on the more expensive and exclusive membership benefits.

“We Couldn’t Exist Without Them”

Commenting on the release of the new membership scheme, the CEO of Fnatic, Sam Matthews revealed the overarching aim of the programme.

It’s no secret that for any brand, especially in esports, community is everything,” he stated.

Fans empower us, and we couldn’t exist without them. Our membership programme is designed to bring our community closer to us, as well as our players and creators. This means having their voices heard, influencing where we go next and providing rewards and features they care about.

After collecting feedback, we worked tirelessly to create a future-facing programme of ongoing benefits that are integrated directly into our product, and built for the long term.

We want our fans to feel a deep sense of belonging to Fnatic, whilst having direct ownership over their keys. It’s truly theirs to hold onto forever, pass on to a friend or even sell.

The move to monetise their fan club offering is an interesting one for Fnatic and is a step further than other teams have gone when striking deals with crypto exchanges like Crypto.com.
It is going to be interesting to see just how many fans sign up to the offer, especially at the two higher value membership options.

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