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Fnatic Take on SKT 1 in the Most Anticipated LoL Worlds Groups Stage Match

Fnatic Vs Skt 1

Group C is without a doubt the strongest at the League of Legends Worlds, as it features three of the favorites. South Korea Telekom is credited with the first chance to lift the trophy, but Royal Never Give up and Fnatic are also among the top seeds. They have performed well at the previous championship and the Europeans have played the final against Invictus. In the first match of the main event, Fnatic take on SKT 1 and since this is a best of one series, the outcome is particularly difficult to predict.

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Faker has an Edge over Nemesis on Mid Lane

Faker is the best-known and most respected League of Legends player of all time and the main reason for why SKT are the main favorites. Bet365 offers LoL Worlds odds of 4/1 on the South Koreans to prevail, while Fnatic are priced at 14/1. First time betting with bet365, here’s a quick guide on how to set up your first Bet365 account.

Both teams have excellent mid lane players, but Faker has proved to be more consistent in the decisive matches. By comparison, Fnatic have a reputation for crumbling under pressure and they found themselves at the wrong and of some truly memorable reverse sweeps. Nemesis is expected to play all their games, although youngster MagiFelix is his likely replacement in the future.

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Bwipo vs Khan: A Duel of Class and Form

The League of Legends Worlds schedule for the main event begins with the best of one series where SKT are favourites at odds of 2/5 at Betway Esports. Punters can expect an explosive top lane, where Bwipo and Khan will lock horns and both are known for their aggressive place. Bwipo is the more experienced of the two and he was the artisan of Fnatic’s success last season. Meanwhile, Khan was the Summer Season MVP in South Korea and he is regarded as the most in-form top laner in the LCK. Both of them will be able to count on the assistance of their junglers, as Broxah and Clid are known for their incursions in top lane.

Experience is the Name of the Game on Bottom Lane

Most of the late game matches depend on how the ADC performs throughout the match and that’s why the bottom lane is so important. SKT’s Teddy and Mata pack quite a punch, with the latter being one of the most experienced League of Legends players in the world. He is a frequent presence in all the recent LoL Worlds power rankings and has carried his previous teams to success on many occasions. Fnatic fans are entitled to expect another stellar performance from Rekkles and Hylissang two players that have great synergy. Even so, Rivalry only credits them with the second chance and offers odds of 2/1 on their win.

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