Fnatic Wins the VCT EU Stage 2 Challengers 2

Posted on April 19, 2021 - Last Updated on July 18, 2023

After two months of struggling in the Valorant Champions Tour, this team has finally managed to find a breakthrough in last week’s VCT EU Stage 2 Challengers 2, Fnatic has finally done it! Yesterday, Fnatic defeated Team Liquid in the Grand Finals with a decisive 3-1 victory, with both teams securing a spot in the upcoming VCT EMEA Regional Finals.

The unpredictable European scene

If there’s anything that VCT EU Challengers 2 taught us, it is that the European Valorant scene is highly unpredictable. One week’s winners could be the next week’s losers, and vice versa.

Fnatic, who were struggling to find their footing in the scene ever since day one, have finally managed to claim a massive victory that placed them at the very top with some of the best teams in Europe. To be fair, they’ve earned it, especially after some recent roster changes where they added Derke and Magnum as a replacement for Moe40 and tsack. This bold move paid off and this infusion of fresh talent reinvigorated the crew.

The biggest disappointment of this event was G2. The team that was once considered to be the best Valorant squad has fallen off completely, and right now they are spirraling down to the bottom of the barrel. At this point, their name and success they achieved in 2020 is the only thing that’s keeping them relevant. Unless the organisation makes some drastic changes to this roster, they will be left in the dust.

Another letdown at the event were the VCT EU Stage 1 Masters champions – Acend. This Valorant squad came out of nowhere and won the Stage 1 Masters. They joined the Valorant scene on March 10th, and immediately caused several upsets that led them to instant success.

In their defense, the match against Team Vitality was an incredibly close one and had they managed to beat them there, the outcome of Stage 2 Challengers 2 might have been much different. Although we won’t be seeing them in the upcoming VCT Stage 2 EMEA Regional Finals, we’ll still be keeping an eye on them to see what their next move will be.

Fnatic and Team Liquid move forward

Out of 8 teams that competed in the last week’s event, only two are moving forward into the EMEA Challengers Finals – namely Fnatic and Team Liquid. These two teams will be joining the other six qualified teams and will play their opening matches in just a few days. This will be an interesting event to see how the European teams fare against some other regions.

We have 3 teams coming from Turkey, and those are Futbolist, Oxygen Esports, and BBL Esports. The final team on the list comes from CIS Challengers 2, and that’s Gambit Esports.

On paper, both Gambit and Futbolist look like clear favorites as both teams achieved superb results in their respective regions, and both squads come into this event as Masters 1 champions. However, since these different regions never came in contact until this moment, it’s almost impossible to say with certainty who’s gonna win.

Will the European teams dominate the competition, or will they be in for a rude awakening? We will be following this event eagerly so stay tuned for more news and Valorant betting predictions.

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