Former Betway Execs Launch Esports-Based Business

Posted on September 24, 2022

Two former Betway directors have pooled their talents and resources to launch a new esports-facing media business; Zealium Media.

Tim Whyles, the former Managing Director of Betway Group’s BG Marketing Services and Adam Savinson, who was the Betway Esports Director in the same division of the company, are the two individuals set to drive the new business forward.

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“Massive Part Of My Life”

Speaking at the launch of the new venture, Mr Savinson was excited at the prospect of what the new company could offer.

“Esports has been a massive part of my life for the last 15 years, and I couldn’t be more excited to get closer to the detail in the industry that I live and breathe,” he stated.

“At Zealium Media, we are hitting the ground running and I can’t wait to announce the first projects in our pipeline and start giving back to the esports community.”

Gap In The Market

According to the two founders of the business, they have identified a gap in the market when it comes to the esports industry; that being a company that can produce high-quality media and also generate additional traffic within the broader esports community.

The company’s aim is to generate growth by creating a variety of different media publications and other creations which will be of use within the competitive esports arena.

Initially, it is believed that the company will focus on VALORANT for its first ventures into the industry, although it is expected that the company will diversify its focus across other popular competitive esports titles within a relatively short amount of time.

Experience To Achieve Sustained Growth

Certainly, when it comes to working within the gambling and esports industry, both Whyles and Savinson have plenty of experience to fall back upon.

Whyles joined Betway back in 2002 and brings with him a wealth of experience of working within the sports betting and latterly, esports betting industry.

Similarly, Savinson has worked for Betway for over eight years, focusing initially on his role as a Digital Marketing Specialist and then progressing onto the role of Betway’s Esports Director in 2021.

Between them, Savinson and Whyles feel that they have identified a niche market within the industry that they can thrive within.

“The opportunity that we see in the esports media space is unprecedented,” stated Mr Whyles.

“Having spent the past 20 years marketing in the highly competitive online gambling industry, I see huge scope to disrupt and outgrow many of the incumbent esports publishers.”

What Will Zealium Media Hope To Achieve?

The announcement of Zealium Media’s creation was large on hyperbole, but short on actual detail on what the company is going to bring to the table for the different stakeholders within esports.

It is going to be interesting to see how the company works hard to appeal to those who view esports streams, as well as the wide range of esports gamers that range from top level professionals, down to the casual, occasional esports fan.

Focusing their initial efforts on one title is a positive start but it seems that for sustained growth, the fledgling company will have to diversify to cover more esports titles in the near future.

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