Former Spotify and Minute Media executives launch a new esports and gaming consultancy agency

Published: Mar 17, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 13, 2023

A new esports and gaming consultancy firm has entered the industry and it comes with some pretty hefty figures in the online consultancy business. The new company is called Reset and it aims to help esports companies leverage investment to create stable businesses. The new executives at the company come from a wide range of backgrounds like Minute Media, Spotify, and SRI.

The Reset Team

The Reset team is made up of four executives from the sports and entertainment industries that have come together to create the consultancy agency. One is the former CRO of Minute Media, Duncan McMonagle, who during his time as the Chief Revenue Officer, grew the company to be valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Another is Ben Brown, a former executive at many media companies like Accenture, EY, Universal, and Spotify. One of their esports-focused executives is Charlie Stebbings, he has worked with esports teams and esports tournaments like Cloud9, Riot Games, G2 Esports, BLAST, and Team Vitality. The final co-founder was a partner at the Executive Search firm, SRI, Chris Jordan created their globally leading esports search practice.

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Quotes from the team and supporters

Duncan McMonagle wrote in their press release:

“Our vision is to elevate gaming as a commercial property and develop a sustainable ecosystem. One where fans are prioritised, endemic players have sustainable business models, advertisers reach and engage the right audiences, and investors can deploy capital with confidence.”

Managing Director of Guinevere Capital, David Harris, wrote in a testimonial about the company:

“Having worked with individual members of Reset in their previous roles across the industry, it’s exciting to see this group come together to service the sector.”

“Over the past year with limitations on travel, they have provided an amazing turn–key service for both operational and commercial support on the ground in the UK.”

“They know the industry and key stakeholders meaning they have been able to pick up and run with everything from London Spitfire watch parties and co-streams to merchandise logistics and go to market sales collateral.”

“They’ve assisted us launching training academies and liaised with University programs working up and down the chain from grassroots to elite level working directly with publishers.”

“We have had no hesitation referring Reset on to work with other groups in the industry and look forward to continuing our relationship in 2021.”

The popularity of esports

While the company has only been officially announced this week, they have been working with their first client, the Overwatch team London Spitfire for the past nine months. This is a huge time to be investing in esports. They are clearly taking their new roles as a consultancy agency seriously if they are willing to trial their services for three-quarters of a year before they launch.

According to a study from Juniper Research, the esports industry will grow by 70% to $3.5 billion a year by 2025. Many executives and high-level employees from other entertainment and media companies are realising the importance of the esports industry and are investing heavily in it. The study by Juniper Research also mentioned that their predictions could be exceeded if there is more investment. I would not be surprised if the esports industry grows beyond these predictions.

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