The Best Fortnite Deathrun Codes and why you need to try them!

Posted on August 4, 2021

The creative codes that Fortnite’s Deathrun feature offers are a great way to enhance your gameplay – you can simply load up a course or map that someone else built and play their challenges! There’s some fantastic stuff out there – we’ve collected some of the best Fortnite Deathrun Codes for both beginners and experienced players!

What are Deathrun Codes?

If you’re not familiar, Fortnite’s Deathrun Codes are part of Creative mode – it lets content creators make their own levels, challenges and worlds for other players to play in – and Deathruns (as well as speedruns thereof) are one of the most popular ways this possibility has been realized! There are some incredible creations out there, and whether you just want a challenge, inspiration for your own Deathrun, or you want to see what’s possible, these Fortnite Deathrun Codes will take you to some incredible places!

The Best Deathrun Codes

Cizzorz Deathrun 4.02778-3253-4171
Dread Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun4948-4770-3389
Fox Clan Trial Deathrun7286-9664-8086
27 Lvls Fun Jump-Parkour2339-2885-1907
Duo Disco Deathrun7662-4632-7482
Relativity Deathrun7024-4001-0960
Boro's Mixed Level Deathrun4073-8000-3287

Cizzorz Deathrun 4.0

Known as one of the most difficult and best Fortnite Deathrun Codes out there, the Cizzorz Deathrun offers punishing difficulty, creative obstacles with trick floors, and other traps – oh, and there’s a speedrunning challenge for when you’ve beaten it normally. If you beat it normally, that is!

Dread Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun

This Fortnite Deathrun Code will take you to a less platform-y and more adventure-y scenario – you’ll still have to dodge traps and mind your steps, but you’ll do so in a huge pirate town by the sea, rather than in a small confined environment! It’s a proper cinematic experience – unless you blow up, of course!

Fox Clan Trial Deathrun

What makes this Deathrun Code so unique is its appearance – set in a lush forest with colourful Eastern houses that stay true to the ‘Fox Clan’ theme, this Deathrun is a great moment of respite in between the tight corridors and buildings most Deathruns happen in. Of course, it’s still challenging in its own right!

Fortnite deathrun codes

27 Lvls Fun Jump-Parkour

This is a pretty unique course in that you won’t be doing too much walking or running on it – instead, you’ll be in the air most of the time! It’s super parkour-based, so you’ll have to get creative to complete this Fortnite Deathrun – a few moments in it reminded us of Portal 2!

Duo Disco Deathrun

As the name implies, this Fortnite Deathrun will let you play with/against a friend! You’ll move through glowing obstacles in an orange/red and green/blue environment – side-by side! It’s the ideal choice if you’re looking to compete with your friends!

Relativity Deathrun

This Fortnite Deathrun is one of the easiest on this list – what makes it unique though, is its black and white world! It does have some good challenges, but the thing that makes it unique is definitely the style and appearance it’s held in!

Boro’s Mixed Level Deathrun

This is a fantastic course for beginners – if you’re new to Fortnite Deathruns, be sure to check this one out. It is made up of various levels in different difficulties – in other words, you can train, find your comfort zone, and get ready for harder challenges here!

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