G2 Esports Improve Fortnite Roster Once Again With Smqcked Signing

Published: Dec 29, 2020

G2 Esports are one of the most recognisable multi-disciplinary esports teams and the current fan-voted “Esports Organization of the Year” has been busy giving its Fortnite roster something of a revamp and in the process, facilitate a rather large upgrade with the signing of Smqcked confirmed on December 28.

After announcing the signing via a short Tweet that contained a link to video footage of some of Smqcked most impressive performances in Fortnite, G2 Esports confirmed that they had indeed acquired his signature as the newest member of their “G2ARMY”.

G2 Esports Fortnite Squad Signings

This is the latest move in what has been a busy period of time for the team. The Founder and CEO of G2 Esports, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, has taken a big interest in the Fortnite team and has been crucial in securing the earlier signings of two more marquee players, Coop and LeTsHe back in November 2020.

Not satisfied with just those two big name additions, a short time later Rodriguez moved to add the four-time Fortnite Champion Series finalist Jahq to the roster a short time ago.

Now another player who made his name in the NA East has signed up to the roster and he comes with the support of a number of his new teammates.

Glowing Reviews

It is believed that the performances of Smqcked in a number of events had caught the eye of new team members LeTsHe and Niko, both of whom have the player glowing reviews to Rodriguez as a possible addition to their already hugely talented squad.

Smqcked has appeared in the FNCS Grand Final on five occasions over the last two years amongst a number of other achievements.

While something of an unknown quantity for many in the Fortnite Esports scene, Smqcked has been a consistent performer since he made his debut on the professional Fortnite scene back in 2019. He qualified regularly for the FNCS Grand Finals in Season X, Chapter 2 – Season 1, Invitational, Chapter 2 – Season 3 and Chapter 2 Season 4.

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His best performance in those events came in Chapter 2 Season 1 where he and his teammates landed fifth place in the tournament and pocketed a prize of $37,500.

Unfortunately, Smqcked didn’t quite do enough to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, however, his performances in those other events, as well as a number of memorable performances in others, brought him to the attention of a couple of the current G2 Esports Fortnite squad.

What Now for G2 Esports Fortnite Squad?

This latest signing means that since November, G2 Esports have now snapped up four new, top-level Fortnite players to their squad. It is abundantly clear that Rodriguez has plans for his team to make major waves at the top level of Fortnite Esports and given the depth of quality in this squad, few would bet against G2 Esports being involved in the top events at the sharp end of things, for many of the top tournaments in 2020.

However, it will take time for this new team to gel together and get to know each other and as such, as they go through that process, it is going to be interesting to see just how quickly this new unit can perform well together.

Featured Image Credits: G2 Esports
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