Free Epic Games Pack

Posted on November 27, 2021

Epic Games gets you a free game every week. However, for the upcoming week, Epic Games has revealed an exclusive pack, as there will also be another bonus for free.

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Free Epic Games Pack
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Which Epic Games title is free this week?

Epic Games are currently giving away the hunting sim TheHunter: Call Of The Wild. The game offers a unique experience as players must hunt their prey across various regions and biomes. Players will learn the movement, traits and behaviors of animals as they will become hunting masters. Furthermore, players can also have fun with friends in co-op experiences, making the adventure even more enjoyable.

The game, developed by Expansive Worlds, was first released in 2017 on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For this week, Epic Games made it free to download for everyone. Make sure to grab your free copy of TheHunter: Call Of The Wild free: the deadline is next Thursday at 4pm (8am Pacific). Otherwise, you will have to pay $7.99 USD.  Check out the Epic Games Store here.

Epic Games’ Welcome Pack

Not only the hunting game will be free to download, but Epic Games is being extremely generous. You will be able to redeem Antstream – Epic Welcome Pack to celebrate Antstream Arcade, the Biggest Retro Gaming cloud platform. With over 1000 titles available, ranging from Shoot’em ups and Fighting to Platform and Adventure games, Antstream has gathered unlimited Retro Games all in one place! The best thing about Antstream, however, is that there is no need to download any of the games you play! Epic Games will stream them directly to you at home straight from their servers, so all you need to do is click and press play!

Not only that, but the platform has also integrated features such as:

  • CHALLENGES – Play the games with special rules! One life only, don’t miss a shot, highest score in 1 minute and many more!
  • LEADERBOARDS – Nothing like beating high scores and sitting on top of the leaderboards!
  • TOURNAMENTS – Enter limited-time tournaments and beat the very best to win prizes in-game!

To utilize these features, Epic Games launched an in-game currency that you need to have. For this special occasion, though, the company will be giving everyone  1090 Gems for free to use in-game! Aside from the features mentioned above, Gems can also be used to unlock harder challenges and play turn-based PvP against friends and other players!

Epic Games has been making a lot of moves recently. At the beginning of November, the company announced a collaboration with another gaming giant, Riot Games. Not only they created the first-ever League of Legends crossover, bringing Jinx to Fortnite, but they also made Riot Games’ titles available to purchase and play through the Epic Games Store. It seems like Epic Games is making its best effort to increase their player base and with the launch of Antstream Arcade, the company is looking to retrieve the retro gaming demographic.


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