FUN88 to become the official betting partner of OG Esports

Published: Nov 19, 2020 - Last Updated: Jul 24, 2023

European esports group OG Esports have signed a multi-year agreement with the Asian betting operator FUN88 for them to become their official betting partner.

According to the announcement on OG Esports website, the partnership with FUN88 will be focused on the team’s DOTA 2 roster. The aim of the partnership is to create an environment where fans can have their say in the future of DOTA 2 at OG.

Not only will FUN88 continue to promote DOTA 2 betting but they will also provide OG the support to expand their fan and community support by providing pre-play, real-time, and post-match insights.

OG Esports

OG Esports DOTA 2 roster are top of their class. They have won DOTA 2’s world championship esports tournament, The International, in both 2018 and 2019 as well as being the first team to win four official DOTA 2 masters. The organisation fields teams in DOTA2 and CS:GO, both esports do not actively prevent teams from partnering with betting operators. Even though in 2018 Valve advised teams not to make any further deals with betting operators, the practice has not slowed down, nor has it seemed to affect any Dota 2 odds.

CEO at OG, Juan M. R. Luna wrote in a press release:

“The OG Esports Dota 2 legacy is built on the values of Friendship, Trust, and Competitive Excellence. We are thrilled to welcomeFun88 to both esports and the OG Family. This signifies a great tie-up between the market leading online gaming brand and the TI back-to-back champions.”

“Similar to our company’s belief ‘Dream OG’, FUN88’s brand slogan ‘Live Your Dream’ represents the same idea that we are committed to partner together to ignite world-wide Dota 2 players and fans’ passion and excitement to pursue their dreams.”


Founded in 2009, FUN88 is an Isle of Man licensed online bookmaker. It operates globally but it is well known in Asia as one of the premier destinations for online sports betting. They offer online casinos with live-streamed igaming as well as the ability to take part in virtual sports betting. This is their biggest esports sponsorship to date. The partnership will help the company to expand their esports betting influence in their target markets.

Writing in the OG press release, a spokesperson from FUN88 said:

“FUN88 is delighted to team up with OG’s elite Dota 2 roster, which embraces the same core values and commitment to excellence as Fun88. We believe in partnerships that can boost and leverage esports’ growing appeal across emerging markets – and this partnership will deliver that message across the world. Esports represents a thriving trend in many of our target territories and we hope that we can grow our influence in these markets via this long-term association.”

“We have an unswerving desire to develop premium esports content. Now we are working alongside the most engaging team in the entire esports ecosystem, we want to offer customers fresh and progressive ways to interact with the games they love.”

As a dominant team not just in DOTA 2 but also in the popular culture, OG has shown that high level esports teams do not need important partners to lend them an air of authenticity, rather large sponsors need them. FUN88 looks to be getting the best deal out of this partnership, the international clout of OG Esports will allow the online bookmaker to expand into other, younger markets.

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