FunPlus Phoenix Bench Bo After Match-Fixing Confession

Published: Feb 22, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 25, 2023

FunPlus Phoenix’s League of Legends roster has been going through some rough times for the past few weeks, but the news of Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo confessing to being coerced into match-fixing while in the LDL, was just the last straw that broke the camel’s back. To make matters even worse, the team also suffered a devastating 2:0 defeat in the current LPL Spring 2021 against Team WE.

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What’s going to happen with Bo?

Cheating in competitive esports, whether through third-party software or match-fixing, is not only frowned upon but also a good way to destroy your esports career. There were cases of such behaviour in the past, and judging by the current state, there’s bound to be more. The question is, how can it be stopped?

When it comes to Bo, the situation is a little bit more complex. This young Chinese player came into FunPlus Phoenix as a replacement for Tian, who was recently benched due to health issues. The previous team he was playing for was eStar Young, and it was during that time the match-fixing scandal took place.

It’s hard to say what’s gonna happen to Bo, as punishments for such actions are usually harsh. It’s important to say that he was the one who reported himself to the organisation, and was subsequently reported to the League officials by said organisation. Also, he stated he was coerced into doing it, which implies that this scheme ran much deeper, but it also brings up the question of his punishment. Since he came forward on his own accord and said he was coerced, the officials might show leniency and lessen the punishment.

FunPlus Phoenix are in a sticky situation

The FunPlus crew find themselves in a very unfortunate situation, being pulled into a scandal they had nothing to do with in the first place, but also forcing one of their injured members to return in the middle of an ongoing event. For the past month, the team performed exceptionally well with Bo in the Jungler position, but the team dynamic they spent all that time to build, will now have to be rebuilt all over again.

Tian is an excellent Jungler, but it was obvious in the match against Team WE that his return was still premature. FunPlus crew had a dominating start in the event so this match would probably have gone in a different direction had Bo been able to play.

Their next matchup is scheduled for February 27th, where they’ll have to face Royal Never Give Up with a weakened roster. The current standings show the team on the 2nd spot, just above Royal Never Give Up, so their opponents will definitely exploit this current weak spot and look to overtake them. Tian will be under a lot of pressure to quickly readjust, but the team will be there to help him out. If he can manage to take on this role, he’ll not only save his team from falling down the ladder, but he’ll also be a hero for the fans.

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