Future of Esports Betting Explored by Nevada Committee

Published: Mar 2, 2022 - Last Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Nevada, being the home of the legendary city of Las Vegas, is best known for being the home of gambling in the United States. However, not completely satisfied with claiming that title, Nevada now seeks to become the spearhead for the future of the esports betting industry. Recently, it was revealed that the newly-formed ‘Esports Technical Advisory Committee’ of the Nevada Esports Committee had congregated to ponder the future of the esports betting ecosystem.

It was mere months ago that this committee was pulled together, bringing in experts from all edges of the industry. Most recently, Ubisoft executive and Senior Director of Esports at the firm, Che Chou, was appointed to the committee. This marked the acquisition of the eighth member of the team, which will work to identify, manage, and create lucrative and positive esports betting opportunities and experiences.

What does this mean for the esports betting industry?

The Future is Bright


For esports, the last decade has seen nothing but constant, consistent growth. As time goes on, esports as an industry becomes increasingly lucrative and popular, with tens of millions of fans emerging from around the world. However, it isn’t just the gaming side of things that is growing, but also the gambling aspect. There’s a huge market for esports betting and it is being taken advantage of by almost every leading betting site in the world.

Nevada, specifically the Nevada Esports Committee, is out to capitalise on this unprecedented growth. As an organisation, the committee will work to gather invaluable data that will then be used to guide the Nevada Gaming Commission and Control Board deeper into the realms of esports betting. While Las Vegas (and by association, Nevada) may lead the world in casino-based gambling, it’s now in esports that the state wishes to make a claim.

In a statement, the Chairman of the committee, Paul Hamilton, explained:

We should be at the top and doing it right and doing things that make everyone proud. Most importantly, it’s for the consumer to feel safe and also for the (gambling) facility to feel safe.

While it’s far from being an uncharted territory, esports gambling is an emerging vertical, and there’s still a lot of ground to cover. As we’re discussing an all-digital industry, there are many issues that can crop up, ranging from cheating to match-fixing. However, groups like the Esports Technical Advisory Committee are committed to routing out a fair, balanced future for all involved.

Esports Betting Done Right

Since 2020, Nevada has permitted wagering on some esports tournaments. These decisions were driven chiefly by the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought an untimely hiatus to most boots-on-the-ground sporting events. Although, while this was a groundbreaking advancement for esports, the United States as a whole is a relatively restricted market when it comes to esports betting.

With the backing of the Esports Technical Advisory Committee, esports gambling can push forward with the backing of organised, structured efforts across the United States. As the committee soaks up data from within the industry and better learns about the lucrative future of esports, other avenues of opportunity may open up across the nation.

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