G2 Esports 12 – 0 Lower Bracket Run in LEC Spring Playoffs 2022

Posted on April 12, 2022

G2 Esports swept Rogue in the LEC Spring Playoffs Finals to become champions following last year’s disappointing run. After dropping down to the lower bracket by Fnatic, G2 earned themselves their 10th LEC Championship, sweeping 3-0 all the contenders they battled on the way.

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G2 Esports are the LEC Spring Champions

G2 Esports are the newest LEC Champions, defeating Rogue in the Finals in a very unexpected 3-0 series. Coming into the match, most people were expecting Rogue to win it all, after what they have shown during the regular split as well as the insane reverse sweep inflicted on Fnatic in the semifinals.

Game 1

Yet, G2 surprised everyone, coming super prepared from a draft perspective, as well as taking advantage of the new picks that have arisen in the meta. In Game 1, Caps was the key to G2’s game plan, as he picked up the newly-reworked Ahri. After receiving help from Jankos on Jarvan IV on a perfectly executed gank, Ahri began to dictate the flow of the match, bursting down enemies while repositioning herself with the new ultimate.

Around the 20th minute mark, Caps had already completed an Everfrost, Rabadon’s Deathcap and a super-stacked Mejai’s Soulstealer. With the Mythic passive on Everfrost and the Radabon’s passive, Caps had built already an enormous amount of Ability Power that could not be matched by Rogue’s resistances.

In a little more than 34 minutes, Rogue was only able to pick up the second Rift Herald, proving how little they could do to contest G2 on the map. Following Dragon Soul and a Baron pick up by G2, they quickly closed out the game.

Game 2

Following Game 1, Ahri was immediately put on the ban list for the second game. The end result was the mid lane matchup between Corki and Azir, something that we used to see a few years ago all over the world.

On one hand, Rogue drafted a comp that utilized some of the old power picks from the regular season, like Jinx and Gwen. While Jinx is still present in the current meta, G2 drafted the new ADC Power pick: Xayah. Not only is she extremely useful to dodge engages and kiting back, but her lethality build allows her to deal insane damage from afar with the feathers.

Aside from Xayah, Targamas also picked up Renata Glasc, keeping his teammates alive during the fights while also forcing Rogue to either split or force them to fight each other with the ultimate. Despite picking up both Rift Heralds and a quick Baron at 21 minutes, Rogue could do little in the later stages of the game. The super scaling by Corki and Xayah, as well as Ornn’s Masterwork Items, made it impossible for Rogue to win any fight.

Game 3

Game 3’s drafts ended up being hybrid versions of the two previous games. Caps went back to Ahri, with Flakked picking up Xayah for the second game. Rogue, instead, stuck to the Jinx and drafted Twisted Fate, with the goal of impacting both side lanes in coordination with Malrang. In the first part of the game, Rogue was able to create a lead by executing their game plan, picking up Herald and the first turret.

Unfortunately, their lead slipped out of their hands around the 20th-minute mark, as G2 won their fight and secured Baron. From there onwards, the script was just like Game 2: G2 Esports had more scaling with their picks and Rogue had no chance of killing the enemy backline. After more than 38 minutes and 3 consecutive barons by G2, they were finally able to break the base and close out the series, making an insane 12-0 record through the lower bracket.

Now that the LEC Spring Playoffs are over, it’s time for G2 to set their eyes on the Mid-Season Invitational. As the European representative, G2 will get the chance to fight the best teams from other regions, including the LPL representative (who’s yet to confirm) and the LCK champions T1, who went undefeated in the regular split. While there are no confirmations on whether the teams will be able to meet each other in real life, G2 will have the golden opportunity to show the world that they are back, hungrier than ever.

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