G2 Esports 2021 Roster Spotlight

Published: Jan 8, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 25, 2023

After an offseason master class in playing the market, G2 Esports are set for another dominant year domestically. Owner and CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago shook up the world Western League of Legends scene with the selling of his franchise player to Cloud9. Once the free agency news broke surrounding Rekkles, G2 management wasted no time in securing the signature of another top-five talent in the LEC power rankings.

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With a refortified roster, and a change of mentality on the horizon, G2 Esports has the formula in play for another top-four finish at Worlds despite the loss of Perkz. With Rekkles in place as the pure ADC they needed a season prior, G2 Esports has the technical ability to compete against any and every team. But will they have the mental toughness to get to the finish line for another year running?

It pays to be the best

 The LoL 2020 offseason will forever be known as the year of the spender for a few key organizations. With the transfer of Alphari and Perkz to NA, LEC teams finally had some money in their pockets to make noticeable changes. 

With the introduction of Rekkles to the G2 Esports lineup, they have aligned themselves with Europe’s most winningest ADC in history, and a reunion with Caps in the mid lane also has its positives for synergy. Technically speaking, a Mikyx and Rekkles bot lane is without a doubt the best in Europe or NA. 

Looking beyond domestic results, Rekkles was easily regarded as the best Western AD at Worlds this past year while Mikyx also made a formidable showing for G2 in that same regard. Combining these superpowers for 2021 will bode well for them as G2 has developed another win condition from the outset. 

However, the main carry threat on this team resides in the mid lane. Caps’ dominance in Mid is one of the main catalysts for Perkz’s move to NA in the first place. Continuing to feed him resources as the best player in the region will be crucial to their success. 

There’s no guesswork when it comes to finding out where the strengths lie for this illustrious G2 lineup. With all their competitors noticeably weaker than last season, the early season predictions have G2 Esports running away with the LEC title this year. 

G2 Rekkles
Image Credits | G2 Esports

The only possible hindrance for their roster could be their own complacency as they attempt to repeat success for another consecutive year. Jankos is a player that comes to mind who had particular struggles with champ pool during international tournaments. 

Failure to adapt at the highest level is always a cause for concern, but G2 Esports are blessed with an organization of staff and players that are constantly thinking forward, which is emblematic of their dynasty over the course of several roster changes. The only thing that has remained a constant at G2 Esports since their entrance to the league in 2014 is their ferocious mobilization for victory. 

At the forefront of that charge, ocelote has put this team in place yet again to secure title aspirations, and this time their introduction of Rekkles will fortify their motivational issues over the course of a season. 

Rekkles is a natural-born leader who always leads with his work ethic and uncanny ability on the rift. Couple that with the natural tendencies for playmaking from everyone else on the team, and this G2 Esports has the capability to repeat success, and possibly even compete for greater successes than last year based on these changes.

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