G2 Esports Launches NFT-Based “Samurai Army” Project

Published: Jan 20, 2022

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are certainly a buzzword right now. Not only are companies seeking to exploit the growing interest in NFTs (although not all fans are delighted with this, as Square Enix found out in January) but there are even advancements being made in technology to allow users easier access to their NFTs.

For example, Samsung has announced plans to release a new generation of NFT-enabled Smart TV’s in 2022.

Little wonder then that those in the esports and esports betting communities are looking very closely at the NFT market with some big names seeking to get more involved.

One of those is the famous esports organization G2 Esports, who have just announced an exciting new NFT project that they have called, the Samurai Army.

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What Is The Samurai Army?

Working on the Solana platform and in conjunction with Metaplex, G2 Esports’ new Samurai Army will be a series of up to 6262 NFTs, each one unique and randomly generated with each NFT being based on a Samurai warrior.

The aim is to allow G2 Esports fans to buy and collect the Samurai Army NFTs to become part of what the company has called in a rather retro-style, a ‘social club for gamers’.

Each Samurai NFT will have five different variables that can be altered with every NFT regen. These are:

The characters will be a key part of the new G2 Esports system that will aim to reward members of the community who engage with the NFT offer, with special appeal for those that have become G2 Esports supporters over the years.

Indeed as CEO of G2 Esports, Carlos Rodriguez, pointed out in his press release, the fans were a key consideration in developing this project.

“Engage With Fans Physically And Digitally”

Mr Rodriguez explained:

We built this project for those that believe in G2 and our commitment to engage with our fans physically and digitally for decades to come, rather than those looking to make a quick buck.

This does address one of the main fears for those within the esports community that view NFTs as another way for companies to try and make money from fans that will likely have already paid for the game and/or additional content. A oft-used criticism of Square Enix’s proposals we mentioned earlier.

As a member of the Samurai Army social club, members will be able to receive a number of rewards which are expected to include signed team jerseys and other forms of memorabilia linked to G2 Esports.

Members will also be given special access to special events for the Samurai Army collectors and members, plus some will receive paid trips to major esports events.

Perhaps more excitingly for those interested in NFT collecting, members will get early access to future G2 Esports NFTs if and when they are made available.

The aim of these releases being to celebrate G2 Esports successes and key moments in the franchise’s esports history.

The first drop of NFT’s is expected some time in February 2022 according to the official website, which promises a ‘free airdrop’ for those interested in purchasing their first NFT.

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