G2 Esports Qualified for VCT Masters: Berlin

Published: Aug 20, 2021

After nearly a week of suspenseful Valorant action in the current VCT Stage 3: EMEA Challengers Playoffs, G2 Esports have finally qualified for the VCT Masters in Berlin and can breathe a sigh of relief. The event is not over yet as we await the upper bracket final between Acend and the Turkish giant SuperMassive Blaze.

G2 is facing Gambit Esports in the lower bracket round 4, and while they have already secured one of the four spots that lead to Berlin, they still have a fair shot at winning this tournament. Although G2 fans are already celebrating, things are not done yet.

G2 vs. Giants Gaming

G2 Esports won against Giants Gaming with a 2-1 score in yesterday’s fateful match. The Spanish team was all that was standing between G2 and Berlin, and they simply had to put everything on the line to win here – which is exactly what they did.

Giants Gaming is no pushover, which they clearly demonstrated in the events leading up to EMEA Challengers Playoffs. Both teams were struggling through the lower bracket and had no intention of giving up, but both knew that only one would be moving forward.

The match began on Icebox and Giants took an early lead of 8-4, securing the first half and entering the second one with confidence. After some back and forth action, Giants sealed the deal and took map 1 with a score of 13-8.

Image Credits | G2 Esports ( Twitter )

Map 2 opened up on Bind and we could immediately see the shift in G2’s approach, pushing aggressively and leaving very little room for Giants Gaming to act. Almost effortlessly, G2 wrapped up map 2 with 13-3 and proceeded into the final match on Ascent.

Giants must have been completely caught off guard as G2 stormed the map and started hunting down Giants one by one. After another 9-3 half for G2, it was clear that Giants stood no chance and had already accepted their fate. The match ended with 13-4 for G2 Esports, and with a 2-1 win, they secured one of the top 4 spots in this Valorant Champions Tour event.

The best EU team?

G2 Esports have had a rough time in the early stages of the Valorant Champions Tour, but once they finally signed the magic trio that is nukkye, AvovA, and koldamenta they immediately soared to the top and are now one of the two EU teams who have already qualified for the VCT Masters in Berlin.

Team Liquid, FunPlus Phoenix, and Guild Esports are all out. The only two teams that remain are Acend and G2.

Image Credits | Riot Games

G2 had to go through so many roster changes before finally finding the magic formula. As of right now, the only original member of the old G2 is mixwell, who’s the team’s Captain despite koldamenta being the new in-game leader. Once G2 signed the aforementioned trio in early June, they just had to make one final adjustment which was the addition of keloqz.

The new G2 team is like a well-oiled machine and they’ve already developed great synergy. The squad is still young but has more than enough experience to tackle any challenge that may lie ahead. We’ll wait and see how they’ll finish the current EMEA Challengers Playoffs considering they’ve already achieved their initial goal of qualifying for Berlin. All in all, G2 is in a great spot right now and they can only go up from here.

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