G2 Esports Sign Ozzy as Stand-in for Zeek

Published: Apr 7, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 18, 2023

G2 Esports was widely considered as the number 1 squad in Europe, if not the world, right before the start of Valorant Champions Tour. Back in 2020 when Valorant was still in its infancy, G2 dominated the scene and established themselves at the very top of the rankings. Nowadays, not so much.

Now, after a very poor performance in VCT Stage 1, G2 is looking to make some changes in preparation for the upcoming VCT Stage 2 Open Qualifiers. They are signing Oscar “ozzy” Scott who will be replacing Aleksander “zeek” Zygmunt. G2 is hoping that Ozzy will be the key to unlock the team’s potential, and they’re placing him at the helm as the team’s IGL. Whether that’s going to be enough, still remains to be seen.

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Will Ozzy be enough?

Ozzy joining the G2 crew will certainly be a breath of fresh air that the team needed badly. He has found success with a number of different Valorant teams, and competed across some lower-tier tournaments. G2, however, is on a totally different level and he’ll have to shoulder much more responsibility.

If Ozzy can carry out the task he’s been given, there’s a high chance G2 will keep him in a more permanent capacity. While the road ahead will be daunting, he’s got the opportunity of a lifetime to make it big, so we’ll have to see if he’ll make this chance count or if he’ll waste it.

Zeek is benched

It seems like this is the fate of nearly every ex-professional Fortnite player who joined Valorant. While Fortnite is a successful game in its own rights, it simply doesn’t match with the dynamics of Valorant. Zeek comes from Fortnite, and he’s been a core member of G2’s roster up to this point. While they did find success in the early stages of the game, they ended up falling behind as the game kept changing and evolving.

To make things worse for Zeek, his father contracted COVID-19. This must have caused the Polish player a lot of headaches, and possibly impacted his performance in the more recent matches. This was most likely one of the reasons G2 decided to go with Ozzy as a stand-in. Zeek could once again find himself on the main roster once things settle down, but for now he’ll be cheering on his team from the bench.

Can G2 make a comeback?

G2 had a rough time in the first stage of Valorant Champions Tour. Not only did they fail to qualify for the first round of Challengers, but the two other times they did qualify, they lost miserably.

Valorant Gameplay
Image Credits | Riot Games

In Challengers 2, the team was completely dominated by Ninjas In Pyjamas and lost on both maps. They tried their luck again in Challengers 3, but even this time it wasn’t enough. They were playing against DfuseTeam and opened up strong on Ascent, taking a clean 13-3 win. However, Dfuse quickly recovered and turned things around, ending the match with a 2-1 result for Dfuse.

G2 is far from being done, but the reality is that they’ll have to work harder this time. Things have changed in the past few months, and the team pool has been expanding, bringing new talent into the spotlight. Perhaps Ozzy will be the answer to their prayers, but perhaps not. The upcoming VCT Stage 2 qualifiers will be a test to see how they’ll fare, and if they manage to adapt with the help of Ozzy’s in-game leadership, they might just bounce back and reclaim the title of the best EU team.

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