G2 Esports Take Down Sentinels in Rematch

Published: Sep 16, 2021

G2 Esports have defeated Sentinels in yesterday’s VCT Masters Berlin rematch. The European squad looked dominant and secured the first spot in group D. The end result was 2-0 for G2 Esports, who have become the first team to win against the NA titans in a LAN event.

Both teams had already qualified for the playoffs even before this match, so the only important aspect of it was securing a better seed spot. G2 Esports will be playing against KRÜ Esports, who have managed to pull through by taking down Keyd Stars in the decider match. Sentinels will face Team Envy, which is objectively a more difficult matchup, despite the two clashing multiple times in the past.

The Rematch

The action-packed rematch between G2 Esports and Sentinels was truly spectacular. The match outcome was almost irrelevant in terms of final standings in group D, but securing a better seed was still quite important. Sentinels won the first match during VCT Masters round 1, and G2 Esports only managed to take a single map. This time, however, G2 came back to finish the job and set the record straight.

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Icebox was the first map pick by G2 Esports, and for good reason. They beat Sentinels on Icebox in their previous match, so it was a no-brainer. Sentinels decided to ban Breeze instead, which might have been a mistake.

The action started and G2 immediately picked up the pace, shutting down members of Sentinels one by one. Nukkye kept picking off key targets with Raze, while keloqz went all out with Jett, finishing the match with a 376 ACS and 23 kills.

The end result was 13-3 for G2 Esports – a total massacre of Sentinels. With the wind in their sails, G2 stepped into match two on Split and finished what they started.


After getting demolished on Icebox, Sentinels aimed to even the score and retake control of the flow of the match. G2 Esports, on the other hand, had other things in mind. G2 continued the onslaught, staying on Sentinels’ toes at all times and not allowing any room to breathe.

Keloqz swapped to Sage this time, but that didn’t prevent him from sniping 19 kills on this map. Nukkye remained as confident as ever, even after swapping to Reyna, and AvovA completely went berserk and scored 26 kills on Astra.

Sentinels did better on Split, getting some rounds here and there, but the overall control still remained in the hands of G2. Finally, the match ended with 13-11 in favour of G2 Esports. They did the unthinkable, and had taken down the team that had been undefeated in both Valorant Champions Tour LAN events up to this point.

G2’s Fantastic Performance

Image Credits | G2 Esports

G2 Esports is truly back, and there’s no better way of proving that statement other than beating the best Valorant team in the world.

Yes, both teams had already qualified for the playoffs before the match even started. And on top of that, Sentinels had been the first team to secure the spot at the VCT Champions, so one might argue that Sentinels had no stake in this match. But others tend to disagree.

G2 Esports and Sentinels have a level of rivalry that transcends all of that. In this case, winning the match is top priority, and the team who is victorious has all the bragging rights.

What happened here was a simple case of one team playing better. G2 Esports played their hearts out, and Sentinels made some mistakes and it cost them the match.

Ultimately, both teams will use this experience to grow. G2 Esports is now back in the game, and winning against Sentinels will boost their morale. The loss Sentinels faced will just serve to sober them up and make them play more seriously. But in the end, it was an epic match, and we hope we’ll see yet another rematch between these two teams in VCT Stage 3 Masters.

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