G2 Fails to Qualify for LoL Worlds but Fnatic moves forward

Published: Aug 23, 2021 - Last Updated: Sep 27, 2022

LoL Worlds is just around the corner and we’re slowly starting to get a clearer picture of the teams that will be participating in it. This annual League of Legends esports tournament is the apex of LoL esports, so it’s no wonder that every single LoL team is hungry to make an appearance there.

For the past five years, G2 Esports would not only always qualify for the LoL Worlds event, but would also always end up finishing at the very top. Yesterday, G2 Esports was about to secure yet another trip to LoL Worlds, but Fnatic had other plans. The two LoL giants clashed in a thrilling best-of-five LEC match, but once the dust settled, Fnatic emerged victorious.

It’s the end of the road for G2 Esports, and this crushing realisation is still sinking in for many G2 fans. They won’t be attending this year’s LoL Worlds, but instead, Fnatic will be moving forward.

G2 Fails to Qualify for LoL Worlds
Image credits: LoL esports

The Decisive Match

G2 Esports is out. All hope is gone, and all that’s left is to pack up the bags and head for home. It’s the reality of every single esports tournament – when two teams clash, only one gets to win.

Yesterday’s LEC Summer Loser’s Round 3 match between G2 Esports and Fnatic was a testament to that. Fnatic won the best-of-five match and pushed forward where they’ll face Rogue in the Loser’s Finals. The outcome of this match will only dictate their final placement in this event, but doesn’t change their journey to LoL Worlds.

G2 Esports are defeated, both in LEC Summer and in spirit. Not qualifying for LoL Worlds hurts more than losing any prior event, or any other match. We can say they failed to qualify, but nobody can say they didn’t try their best.

The match itself was quite a spectacle. It was like a grand final before the actual finals. There was nothing one-sided about this match, but instead, we saw both G2 and Fnatic going back and forth constantly. LEC odds were in G2’s favor, but Fnatic was just too good.

In the end, Fnatic wrapped up that fateful fifth match after only 27 minutes, and the GG was called. Watching Fnatic push into the G2 base was heart-wrenching, but once the Nexus fell, it was all over.

fnatic LEC match
Image credits: LoL esports

A LoL World Championship without G2 Esports

The LoL Worlds schedule is not fully revealed, and there are quite a few more LoL matches to be played before we know every single team that will be attending the event. G2 Esports won’t be among those teams for the first time in years, and while that’s unfortunate and quite sad, we have to move on.

The tournament will certainly be an amazing experience regardless, and we expect a fierce battle for that $2,225,000 prize pool. Of course, it’s not all about the rewards, but about the prestige of qualifying and competing at the highest level.

G2 Esports will have to wait for another year before attempting to qualify again. It’s an unfortunate reality. However, G2 are one the best League of Legends teams and they’ll certainly make sure to prepare well. All in all, they’ve given us one hell of a match yesterday, and that’s what counts.

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