G2 LoL 2022 Roster Revealed

Published: Dec 6, 2021

G2 Esports has officially revealed its League of Legends roster for the upcoming 2022 season, as the kings of Europe are looking to bounce back from a disappointing 2021.

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G2 Esports is in the process of rebuilding the team

Following the disastrous end to the 2021 LEC Summer Split, G2 Esports made some shocking decisions for the 2022 lineup. Three players were put on the market to be sold: top laner Wunder, ADC Rekkles as well as support Mikyx were bound to leave G2. The “Super Roster” that G2’s CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago put together not only failed to meet expectations, but it did the imaginable, as G2 ended 4th in the Summer Split and didn’t make it to Worlds 2021. A truly unsatisfying year for the organization.

The lack of results forced Ocelote to rebuild the team, keeping only mid laner Caps and jungler Jankos for 2022. Rekkles will be playing in the LFL with Karmine Corp, in one of the most surprising moves of this 2021 off-season, while Wunder and Mikyx are still currently teamless. However, Wunder is reportedly in talks with Fnatic to become their new top laner, as Adam will be playing for LEC’s newest team, Team DBS.

G2 Esports have picked up three new players for its 2022 roster

This also meant that G2 would need to find three new elements to place into the new team. On Friday Dec. 3, the organization finally announced its confirmed line-up.

First, in the top lane former Schalke 04 player Broken Blade is going to replace Wunder. Last year, Broken Blade proved to be one of the best performing top laners, despite being in a last-place team. This year, he has the chance to redeem himself and aim high, after having played on TSM and S04 in the last two years.

In the bot lane, instead, the organization will have Spanish AD carry Victor “Flakked” Lirola and Belgian support Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé as its starting bot lane. Both players come respectively from the Spanish SuperLiga and the LFL. Flakked was previously in MAD Lions’ Academy, where he played for two years. Targamas, on the other hand, played for the French giants and rising team Karmine Corp, as he won back-to-back EU Masters titles.

The general idea behind G2’s strategy has changed: the organization no longer wants to sign proven or decorated top talents, but rather focus on picking up players that are hungry and willing to give their very best for the common goal. Nonetheless, G2 still picked up essentially two rookies (Targamas technically isn’t one, as he played for Giants Gaming in 2018) that have one of the highest potentials in the whole ERL scene.

G2 also announced Dylan Falco as its new Head Coach, replacing Fabian “Grabbz” Lohmann who was let go and will be coaching for Team BDS in 2022.

If you want to watch how the G2 lineup will perform in 2022, make sure to check out the 2022 Spring Split when LEC returns on Jan. 14.

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