Can G2 Maintain Their Winning Streak in MSI 2022

Published: May 12, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023

G2 Esports has been on a roll since the 2022 LEC Spring Split and the team grabbed its 16th win in a row against ORDER the other day. The European representative is going to compete in four different matches tomorrow, starting with Evil Geniuses, but can G2 Esports maintain their winning streak against the North American Champion?

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The Start of the Win Streak

After an unsuccessful season last year, G2 Esports made huge roster changes, keeping Jankos and Caps on the roster and acquiring Broken Blade, Flakked, and Targamas. Despite making a rough start to the season, the reigning kings managed to start a winning streak in March, until the very end of the LEC split. They have won every game since March, including four MSI 2022 games that started a couple of days ago.

G2 Esports is the most successful team in Europe and this year we had the privilege to see them compete against the North American champion in the group stage. The organization is competing in the only group that has three teams in total, ORDER, and EG besides them. Most of the fans expected a dominant performance against ORDER but two one-sided wins against Evil Geniuses were more than everyone expected. With caPs’ Anivia, they showed supremacy in their first test against NA, and Broken Blade shined in their second win.

G2’s synergy looks on another level, especially with Jankos and caPs dominating the other mid-jungle duos. Even before signing for TSM, Broken Blade had a great reputation while playing for the Turkish team, Royal Bandits. The new bottom lane duo, Flakked and Targamas have brought the eagerness to win that G2 needed last year and with all these adding up to each other, G2 Esports’ success was inevitable. However, there is a strong chance that they stop taking the group stage seriously as they won all of their games so far and that may not be good for Mid-Season Invitational betting results.

G2 Will Eventually Lose

There is a strong social media side of the organization and they always acquire people that are both fun and decent at the game. This has pros and cons as we have seen them taking their opponents lightly and losing matches that should have gone one-sided. That is the main reason the winning streak could end before reaching the upper stages. Even if it continues, there is a strong chance that T1 or Royal Never Give Up will demolish the European representative. The two Asian teams have shown incredible performances both in their regional leagues and here at MSI. G2 will eventually lose a game during the tournament as the opponents will get tougher step by step.

G2 Esports will face ORDER and Evil Geniuses twice more, which means four more games before reaching the Rumble Stage. There is a strong chance that they will win both of their games against the OCE team but the esports betting on their games against EG will be risky. Evil Geniuses will probably be the second team to make it out of the group but they look eager for the first spot.

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