G3 Esports x Comtrade: ‘Revolutionary’ Partners

Published: Sep 16, 2021

G3 Esports (not to be confused with G2 Esports) has made a pledge to revolutionise an entire generation of gaming. Through the use of tactical partnerships and cutting-edge technology, G3 Esports has boldly promised to transform play, watch, and wager mechanics in the industry. It was revealed yesterday that the next step on this journey was for G3 Esports to partner with Comtrade Gaming, a leading gaming technology provider.

Comtrade, headquartered in Slovenia, will be taking its first steps into the US markets with this partnership. It will effectively provide new and lucrative ground for both organisations, which seek to work together to revolutionise esports. For several years, Comtrade has been a leading provider of software, gaming platforms, and related services to both ‘online and land-based gaming sectors’.

With this partnership, G3 Esports becomes the latest in a long line of organisations to benefit from Comtrade’s services. But what does this mean for the industry?

Building The Future of Esports

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That’s the tagline on G3 Esports’ homepage, and it’s an exciting one. In the last ten years, the esports industry has grown exponentially, spreading like wildfire around the world and becoming overwhelmingly valuable. It’s expected that by 2025, the industry will grow in overall value by a massive $2 billion – and partnerships like this will fuel that expansion.

In a statement from G3 Esports’ CEO, Anthony Gaud, this future was explored:

What we are working on is … a revolutionary concept for the igaming and esports industries that will change the way that video games are developed, published, and how game developers generate revenue.

It was further explained that, with Comtrade, the G3 Esports team seeks to address multiple areas of the esports industry. These include the likes of social media platforms, content and media creators, and esports betting. Between Comtrade and G3 Esports, there are decades worth of experience in the industry, and in recent months, both companies have been aggressively expanding.

Comtrade’s CCO, Steven Valentine, praised the partnership, labeling G3 Esports as ‘truly new and unique’. Reportedly, G3 Esports already has a foothold in esports betting, but this partnership will boost that experience immeasurably.

Esports Betting Becomes Bigger

As the esports industry expands, so too does the esports betting vertical. Right now, esports betting is a lucrative sub-industry, powered by some of the world’s biggest and best betting sites. For years, the most prominent bookmakers have offered markets for esports, and a few specialist platforms have popped up.

Now, G3 Esports looks to bring another specialist platform into the market, using Comtrade as an infrastructure and security provider. As esports betting and gambling provides a huge portion of the industry’s overall value, partnerships like this will only propel the entire landscape ever onwards.

There’s no information regarding the launch of G3 Esports’ betting platform at present. Although, considering the amount of knowledge the partnership has combined, we don’t imagine it’ll take long.

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