Gambit Release Its Second Dota 2 Roster

Published: Jun 1, 2022

A game with one of the top five grossing competitive scenes holds high rewards for success, but devastating losses for inconsistency. Within Dota 2, it is no different, especially now that LAN Play and regular tournaments are back up and running. Unfortunately, within Europe a recognisable team has now folded its second active roster. With having previous strong showings in Dota 2 Champions League Seasons’ 9 and 10, it is something that came out of nowhere.

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Gambit Esports Roster Losses

On 2nd May 2022, the organisations mainstay team, AS Monaco Gambit dissolved its roster of Albert “alberkaaa” Chernoivanov, Artem “Lorenof” Melnick, Andrei “meLes” Romanov, Aleksandr “Immersion” Khmelevskoi and Sergey “HappyDyurara” Horonzhiy. Four of the five players have since joined other organisations. Without any replacements on the cards, this must have been a worrying sign for players of the second roster and its fans.

Thoughts of concern became a reality, as on 30th May, just four weeks later the second team Gambit Esports had relinquished the services of all five players. This had left Alexey “Smiling Knight” Sviridov, Maksym “mellojul” Pnev, Vasilii “AfterLife” Shiskin, Oleg “sayuw” Kalenbet and Nikita “Pantomem” Balaganin effectively without a recognised organisation. Fortunately, the team will still be playing together, but under another tag not yet confirmed.

Why Has It Happened?

It is important to state that Dota 2, certainly within Europe, is at its most competitive level ever. With teams’ underneath Tier 1 being evenly matched, it is more difficult to run a consistently successful team. Gambit Esports themselves run multiple teams in other gaming titles, and with Dota 2 not being the most prominent scene for themselves, it makes sense from a business perspective to leave for the moment.

With the final Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2022 Tour coming shortly, it is now highly unlikely they will participate. This scenario if played out will lead to lost revenue for the organisation, which places even more of an uncertainty for the future. For guides on Dota 2 and the upcoming DPC, esports betting has all the information you need. It may not feature Gambit Esports now, but the DPC is sure to be highly competitive as always.

What The Future Holds

As previously mentioned, now that both rosters linked with Gambit Esports have been dropped, fans should be concerned. With no replacements being mentioned for the ten players that have parted ways, it is likely the organisation will suspend its Dota 2 activity for a while. Due to the prolonged period between roster drops, it is likely that key stakeholders held conversations on whether Dota 2 is still a viable venture.

Failure to qualify for TI11, which happens to be the most financially lucrative tournament of the year would have also been included in the discussion. This may have been what cemented the end for this organisation’s activity in Dota 2. Despite this, and with being five months out from TI11, there will still be a large variety of international talent on display. If you want to stay up to date, we have Dota 2 betting, which provides specific information to help you in many ways.

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