GameCo Will Introduce Five New VGMs At Next Week’s G2E

Posted on September 25, 2017

The video game gambling company GameCo has exciting news for the casino-esports industry. The company will introduce five new VGM titles at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.

Bringing esports to the casino floor

“Casino of the Future, Now” is the title of GameCo’s VGM exhibit at the Las Vegas gaming expo, which will run Oct. 3-5. The company aims to strengthen ties between millennial games and the traditional casino floor by introducing five new VGMs.

The “Gen 2” VGM titles include:

  • Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream – an infinite runner game feat. Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki;
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day – a first-person action game based on the famous film;
  • Cosmic Candy Heist – a bubble shooter;
  • Poseidon’s Deep Sea Saga;
  • Twisted Worlds – a hidden object game.

The company also plans to showcase its multigame bartop VGM at G2E next week.

“While these bartops might appear to be familiar to consumers at first glance, find out why GameCo’s take on the bartop experience is set to change the way people gamble in a relaxed, social environment,” reads an announcement from GameCo.

As esports is all about multiplayer competition, the company is also introducing a prototype of its Multiplayer Challenge Mode. The new product features a player-versus-player system that allows two to eight people to compete.

GameCo sets video game gambling trends

Founded in 2015, the New York-based company introduced the first video game gambling machine with skill-based design to casino floors. GameCo’s patented platform balances player skill and game design while maintaining the same return to players as traditional slot machines.

The company’s product assortment features a variety of game themes, including sports, casual, and action games. To attract a new generation of gamers, GameCo wagers the modern casino floor needs to be spiced up.

“The next three to five years will be a watershed time in our industry as the speed of innovation adoption exceeds previous decades,” said GameCo CEO Blaine Graboyes and Tropicana Atlantic City VP of Casino Investments Chris Downey in a recent essay they co-wrote.

“Customers who grew up playing video games and interacting with social media are looking for a greater degree of engagement than previous generations. Casino operators dedicated to remaining ahead of the market will have the ability to mitigate risks while maximizing profits along with making optimal use of their considerable infrastructure investments.”

This year’s G2E will be GameCo’s second appearance at the annual event. Last year, conference attendees had the exclusive opportunity to play GameCo’s first skill-based machine.

“The debut of our VGM on casino floors will be an historic first step in the evolution of slot gaming, an industry that is adapting for a new generation of players,” Graboyes said last year.

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