GameCo announces funding from Playtech and SpringOwl

Posted on March 26, 2021

The casino games developer GameCo has announced that they have accepted funding from two major tech organisations. This new round of funding is meant to speed up the company’s plans for the expansion of the casino and betting services, including esports betting.

The investors

The two major investors in this round of funding are the gambling technology company Playtech and an industry investing house lead by Jason Adler, SpringOwl. They want to expand their offering into more markets around the globe. They currently operate, and are licensed in, over 30 jurisdictions globally, including New Jersey.

In addition to the investment that GameCo has received from Playtech, they have entered into a long-term distribution deal.  This means they will have access to the company’s network of online casino brands. Because of this deal, GameCo will be able to build their iGaming products on Playtech’s Gaming Platform as a Service system.

Comments from the organisations

Adam Rosenberg, the newly appointed CEO of GameCo, spoke about the new cash infusion and the aims of GameCo in a press release:

“GameCo was founded with the intention of attracting and monetising younger gamers and gamblers who, unlike older generations, want interactive and varied digital gambling experiences both at casinos and from the comfort of their homes. COVID-related shutdowns and the need for large portions of the global population to be remote accelerated these trends.

“We continue to see a real opportunity to combine the excitement of mobile apps and video games with the thrill of gambling to capture these customers. The online gambling space represents an enormous opportunity for GameCo to capitalize on mobile-native Gen X and Millennial players – core constituents within the digital gaming and esports industries. We’re thrilled to bring on board new investors like Playtech and SpringOwl, who represent the best-of-the-best in strategic financiers, to help us advance these exciting business initiatives.”

CEO of SpringOwl, Jason Adler, added in the same release:

“There are very few market segments which are completely global, totally consumer-facing, and instantly scalable. The intersection of skill and gambling online is rapidly emerging as a massive opportunity, and GameCo is uniquely positioned as one of the most innovative players in the industry.”

“SpringOwl is always looking to invest in the next generation of trailblazers, and we believe GameCo is exactly that for the regulated gaming industry.”

GameCo and esports

In 2020, GameCo redoubled their efforts to provide esports betting sites to customers around the world. They launched their esports betting brand, iGameCo in August of 2020 with an aim to provide a full-service esports betting solution built specifically for the North American sports betting market.

Later that month they launched another esports betting solution for the North American market. It was a wagering platform for betting operators that included betting, data, and video streaming services, as well as odds risk management.

For a company that titles themselves, “The Video Game Casino” they have been behind the times for a few years. Hopefully, their efforts in 2020 and 2021, as well as this new round of funding will increase their visibility in the esports betting industry.

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