GameScorekeeper To Provide Esports Data To Transient

Published: Dec 14, 2021

GameScorekeeper has agreed an exciting and innovative new partnership with Blockchain technology specialists Transient to allow extended data coverage of its esports data to facilitate “automated market creation and settlements” to the Transient blockchain community.

In a special press release to mark the partnership, GameScorekeeper announced that the partnership with Transient Esports dApp is something that is currently unique within the esports and blockchain industries.

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That being the creation of a real use case for the data provided by GameScorekeeper to be used on-chain.

This has never been attempted before by any other blockchain-based company.

Alongside the provision of match and tournament data, GameScorekeeper will give Transient access to their expansive range of data collected on esports, such as individual player stats, individual stream URLs and more to allow Transient to tailor their content to their customers.

“Experienced Team And Exciting Business”

Speaking about the agreement between the two companies, Marc Burroughes, the CCO of GameScorekeeper, who spoke to us only last week about the future of the esports industry, stated that:

We’re delighted to be working with such an experienced team and exciting business. Transient is developing a very interesting product which we’re confident will be a great success and as with all our customers, we’re committed to supporting them every step of the way.

Those positive sentiments were echoed by Beau Olson, the CEO of Transient who responded by stating:

Transient is excited to take another significant step in its journey into the gaming and esports community by partnering with leading esports data provider GameScorekeeper.

This partnership is critical to enabling our esports dapp (currently in development) to provide an expansive offering to our community.

GameScorekeeper works closely with leading esports betting operators in the industry, we were confident that they can deliver the highest data integrity which is needed to fuel our betting engine. We believe that social betting and content driven experience is key to entertaining the esports community.

We truly believe that we can create a next level experience which utilises GameScorekeeper’s data, and working closely with their team to create the best environment for our users.

The First Step Into The Future

This new agreement with Transient could well be the first of a number of such deals which will see GameScorekeeper take the next step towards what they feel is the inevitable future of esports betting.

Along with the interview with Marc Burroughes, the company’s CEO Felix Klastrup has also commented on the companies vision for the future of esports and it is precisely this community and experience driven focus, with esports betting perhaps as a secondary option for most users, that both men have mentioned in recent interviews.

Whether Transient’s forthcoming ‘dapp’, which we can only assume stands for digital app, offers us a glimpse of the esports betting of the future remains to be seen. However, seeing as any esports betting service lives or dies by the quality of the data it sources, then working with GameScorekeeper is a wise move from Transient.

As yet, there is no confirmation of a release date for the new dapp, although with the deal between the two companies having just been struck and integration of the data from GameScorekeeper not likely to be too difficult to achieve, hopefully the new app will be ready for Transient customers shortly.

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