GameSquare Esports Spends $27m To Snap Up Complexity Gaming

Published: Jul 1, 2021

One of the most recognised North American esports organisations, Complexity Gaming, has a new owner. GameSquare Esports, which is also the parent company of a number of other esports businesses, paid $27m to acquire the organisation.

As part of this all-stock transaction, the current owners of Complexity Gaming will become the newest major shareholders of the GameSquare Esports group.

In addition, the founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming, Jason Lake, has become the new Global Head of Esports for GameSquare.

“Next Phase of Growth”

It is clear that GameSquare does have big plans for Complexity Gaming, which is unsurprising given that it is one of the most recognisable names at the top esports events and gaming tournaments all over the world.

The organisation runs several high-profile esports teams across a wide range of esports under the Complexity Gaming brand.

While their CS:GO team may be the most recognisable of the Complexity Gaming teams, the organisation also runs successful teams in FIFA, Madden, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Hearthstone, and VALORANT esports.

However, it seems this is not enough for GameSquare who revealed that it is going to use their financial might and knowledge to push Complexity Gaming into what it terms a “next phase of growth”.

This seems to indicate that Complexity Gaming can expect help and support towards that goal from GameSquare’s existing network of businesses and services to help scale up its business and expand into new markets as well as offering a greater diversity of opportunities.

GameSquare Esports Spends $27m to Snap Up Complexity Gaming

“Monetise the Incredible Content”

Speaking about the future for Complexity Gaming moving forward, GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna commented:

“Complexity has built a tremendous foundation that is perfectly positioned for its next phase of growth and profitability.”

“We see huge potential to monetise the incredible content that Complexity creates every year and numerous opportunities to create merchandise to allow fans to show their loyalty to one of America’s greatest esports teams.”

For the time being, however, there should not be too much change at Complexity Gaming for the foreseeable future with the company still operating from its base in Texas, and all its teams across multiple esports titles set to continue to play under the Complexity Gaming name.

Exciting Opportunities to collaborate with NFL Franchise Dallas Cowboys

As part of the deal, Tom Walker, the CFO of the Dallas Cowboys, and Travis Goff, the president of Goff Capital and an existing member of the Complexity Gaming board, will also become board members at GameSquare as part of the deal.

Included in this is the fact that GameSquare has now become the agency of record for the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys, who have invested heavily in esports over the last few years.

The deal is expected to last multiple-years and will offer all of GameSquare’s businesses a chance to collaborate with one of the most recognisable brands in North American sports as well as contributing to the Cowboy’s own push to improve its esports output.

“Complexity is already one of the most renowned esports brands in the world,” stated Mr. Lake after the deal had been confirmed.

“Gaining access to GameSquare’s wealth of experience and resources will lead us through the next phase of growth.”

“We’re fully committed to building on our player-first mentality and winning more championships for our fans while expanding our brand internationally.”

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