Gen.G Esports Sign Rhyme

Published: Dec 22, 2021

Gen.G Esports have announced the newest addition to their Valorant roster, and it’s none other than the ex-NiP fragger Emir “rhyme” Muminovic. This Bosnian-born Norwegian player was left without a team when Ninjas in Pyjamas released their roster and decided to move into LATAM.

Rhyme is an excellent carry who will bring a lot of firepower into Gen.G’s team. Many felt that his potential was wasted in NiP, so it’s exciting to see how he’ll perform in this new environment.

NA Teams Signing EU Players

This is an interesting development in Valorant esports. It seems like there’s a high possibility that the NA teams will start signing EU players.

Gen.G Esports have made the first move by signing rhyme, but there’s a good chance others will follow suit. We also know that cNed is the only player in Acend who hasn’t yet renewed his contract, which could mean that one or more NA teams are interested in signing him.

If this ends up being the case, it could cause an avalanche where the big NA organisations will start sniping all the best EU players. That’s one way to tilt the regional balance in your favour.

You might wonder when all of this began? Well, the North American Valorant region was the dominant region for the better part of the year. However, the more recent tournaments showed that to be incorrect.

All of the EMEA squads performed incredibly well in the Valorant Champions, and Acend were the team that won in the end. On top of that, all of the NA squads showed some very underwhelming results, especially Sentinels.

How Will Rhyme Fit into Gen.G?

In terms of agents, rhyme brings a lot of options for Gen.G. First of all, a duelist role would most likely be the default option for him seeing as his main agent of choice is Raze. But he also plays some Sova, Cypher, and KAY/O so there’s a lot of ways Gen.G can utilize this player.

Rhyme and gMd will be a great duo. gMd’s Omen was already scary, but once you add rhyme into the mix, things become terrifying. And then there’s also Shawn, who’s an incredibly strong Duelist player.

These three will form the main offensive force of Gen.G, while koosta and NaturE will be left in charge of setting up proper defense and keeping their team safe.

Gen.G is Ready for VCT 2022

Even if Gen.G don’t make any further changes to the roster, they’ll have a very capable team to compete in the next season. Their run in Valorant Champions Tour could best be described as average, where they had some high moments but also plenty of lows.

They placed in the top 10 in the overall NA Circuit Points Standings. This is still a pretty solid result, but they missed all the best events in the end, and we know how important these are.

With rhyme, Gen.G will have more than enough firepower to take down their opponents. All that’s left for them is to figure out a strong strategy and study their opponents. With some luck and hard work, Gen.G could potentially come out as one of the stronger teams in NA in 2022.

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