Gen.G Teams with LA Fitness To Promote Player Wellness Campaign

Published: Sep 13, 2019 - Last Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Gen.G might be well known for its competitive gaming prowess on titles like League of Legends, Overwatch and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Now, the esports team is getting serious about physical and mental health.

Gen.G has formed a new partnership with LA Fitness that aims to promote an esports-based wellness program. The program will also be launched in conjunction with the Simple Habit wellness app.

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An esports-based wellness program

The campaign will see the esports organization and gym chain promoting the importance of physical and mental health when playing games competitively. The campaign aims to develop a well-rounded generation of gamers in all aspects of life.

For its part, LA Fitness will feature a series of tip for gamers, while Simple Habit will address the physical stress points that come up when playing competitively. There will also be sections to help pro gamers handle their finances responsibly.

This initiative comes at a time when there is an increasing amount of awareness about the negative physical and mental side-effects of playing video games competitively. Although there are many online resources that already provide simple tips for staying healthy while gaming, the fact that Gen. G would launch their own wellness program is eye-opening.

Healthy Tips For Gamers

The esports organization has already pumped plenty of money into building its own headquarters that actively promote healthy living. The Gen.G facility in Los Angeles features special sleeping pods and healthy eating options to ensure that the gamers can compete at the highest level. Gen. G has previously supplied their players with LA Fitness gym memberships as well as personal trainers and physical therapy sessions.

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Curbing the ailments of competitive gaming

The efforts have been made to combat many of the ailments commonly associated with competitive gaming. With the average pro gamer putting in over 10 hours practice each day, it is little surprise that physical problems like carpal tunnel syndrome should occur.

In addition to this, bad sleeping habits and mental stress have increasingly led to feelings of ‘burnout’ among many previously successful esports stars. But Simple Habit has claimed that simply by taking five minutes to follow their curriculum, gamers can avoid many of these issues.

The traditional sporting world has been taking the concept of wellness very seriously for many years now. Many top Premier League football clubs, as well as NBA and MLB teams, now include dieticians, psychologists, and wellness coaches, and so it isn’t unsurprising that the world of esports would follow this path.

Gen.G has already earned a strong reputation for its forward-thinking programs. Earlier this year the esports organization launched an initiative with the social app Bumble that promoted a greater involvement from female gamers in competitive gaming. But by promoting both the physical and mental issues of pro gaming, Gen. G will be helping gamers of all levels enjoy esports in a healthy and successful manner.

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