Genvid Raises $2.5 Million To Infuse Streaming With More Interaction

Posted on September 13, 2017 - Last Updated on January 30, 2023

New York-based interactive streaming platform Genvid Technologies has raised fresh capital for its interactive solutions business. The company also announced its Software Development Kit is now be publicly available for all major engines and platforms.

Genvid’s SDK for everyone

The SDK is a tool that enables developers to make esports broadcasts more interactive. It can be integrated into games to provide additional features, like allowing fans to get individual players’ stats and weapon load-outs.

The service was previously available to only select users. But in changing this, SDK becomes the first developer-grade streaming solution independent of a specific platform, engine, or infrastructure. Developers can now adapt their broadcasts as needed and generate new revenue streams from their audiences.

The software is accessible on the new Genvid website, and its Developer Portal and can be applied across multiple streaming platforms and providers, including YouTube and Amazon Web Services.

Engaging with audiences

With Genvid’s unique SDK, viewer interactions from a game can be mapped onto the video itself in real-time. Developers can then target individual viewers using in-stream ads and purchases, which presents a significant revenue opportunity.

Genvid CEO Jacob Navok commented:

“As platforms and game developers find new ways to innovate, we’re delighted that they’re increasingly turning to Genvid for solutions to improve the user experience and engage with audiences. Since our initial launch last year, many top titles are already integrating and some are building exclusive content on our technology. We look forward to furthering that momentum with the online launch of our SDK so that any developer can build interactive livestreams.”

As mentioned, the service can be used across multiple streaming platforms, giving more game developers and publishers an opportunity to provide interactive streams and engage with their audiences.

“We are additionally very excited for the recent launch of Twitch’s Extensions program, which we intend to support inside our SDK so developers can use Genvid to significantly lower the amount of work they have to do to get Extensions working and stream directly on,” said Genvid COO Christopher Cataldi.

Genvid continues its successful path

The current funding round was led by Los Angeles-based March Capital Partners and included investors like OCA Ventures. Both these investors participated in Genvid’s fundraising a year ago when it received $1.5 million.

“Genvid has been leading the interactive streaming revolution, connecting developers to platforms and enabling them to generate streams and revenues they would otherwise not have access to,” said March Capital’s Gregory Milken. “We’re excited to see all of the progress Genvid has made as they continue to expand their offerings and partner with leading developers and titles such as CS:GO.”

The live streaming engagement and analytics industry has grown steadily in the last couple years. Maestro, another streaming engagement company, announced a successful round of capital raising just a couple of days ago. SLIVER.TV, another company looking to make esports spectating less passive, successfully raised fresh funds last month.

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