Get Ready for LoL Fright Night Skins!

Published: Sep 8, 2022

Some of the most played champions of League of Legends are going to get a new skin set in the upcoming days, the LoL Fright Night skins! Urgot, Draven, Trundle, Renata Glasc, Annie, and Nautilus are going to have the new skin set as they have been added to League’s PBE.

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Horror-Themed Skins

We have seen many different skin concepts throughout the years for League of Legends. From the Star Guardian set to Pool Party, Riot Games managed to get the interest of the majority of the community by pushing for better and better cosmetics. This time, the main theme is horror! With the newly added skin set to League’s PBE, players will now have the option to use scary cosmetics in the game. Moreover, the new skin set has aimed at some of the most suitable champions of the game.

Urgot is one of the most scary-looking champions in the game, especially with its mecha legs. Draven on the other hand is a cool but merciless destroyer with his axes. Trundle is a troll that already has a spooky way of walking in the game so the new skin set suits him pretty well. Renata Glasc is one of the newest champions in the game and its dark-themed design will suit the Fright Night skins perfectly for sure. Annie is a small kid that looks innocent but has an unpredictable way of danger inside. Whenever a skin is released for Annie, Tibbers, the champion’s ult, also gets the same design so a horror-themed giant teddy bear does sound scary, Lastly, Nautilus is the last on the list as the champion has gotten a frightening look even applied to its anchor. Besides, Urgot and Trundle haven’t received a single skin since 2020. It looked like the company had forgotten about these two but they have finally got the interest of Riot Games once again. This is also great news for Urgot and Trundle OTPs as now they will have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite champion by playing it with different cosmetics.

The Skins Should Arrive With The New Patch

Riot Games has not yet officially revealed the skins but it is soon to be announced with the release of the upcoming patch. The new skins can be seen in the PBE server for now so they will likely be released in Patch 12.18, which is expected to be released on September 21. However, there is still not an announcement made by Riot Games so the dates may change according to their decision.

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Previously, Riot Games released a Goth skin set that mainly aimed for a horror theme but they weren’t very successful. Some of the champions, Orianna, Amumu, and Annie, received these skins. Annie is the only champion to have a new horror-themed skin considering the previous attempt by the company. The Fright Night skins might be one of the top LoL skins that was ever revealed as they look much better than the previous try.

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