Andrew Jenkins Becomes Brand Ambassador for GG.BET

Posted on September 7, 2022

It has been a busy week for the popular betting platform, GG.BET. Recently, the firm has become the first official betting partner of The International, signed a deal with Team Vitality, and released all new technology to personalise the user experience on its platform. Now, in another step into the Dota 2 community, GG.BET has announced an all-new partnership with Andrew Jenkins, renowned Dota 2 commentator and analyst.

As the core component of this partnership, Andrew Jenkins will become the latest brand ambassador for the platform. He’ll be creating content focused around the platform, producing ‘special shows’ and video content, as well as broadcasting streams, live on his Twitch channel. At present, Jenkins boasts a collective following of 354,000 people, spread out across Twitch and two successful YouTube channels.

GG.BET Will Be A Dota 2 Powerhouse

GG.BET x Andrew Jenkins
Image Credit: GG.BET

As The International approaches, GG.BET has been investing more in the space. For those looking to take part in Dota 2 betting, GG.BET seeks to be the platform of choice. Following the partnership with PGL to become the first-ever betting partner of The International, this brand ambassador deal delivers another chunk of the Dota 2 audience to GG.BET’s doorstep. With Jenkins serving as the face of the partnership, GG.BET will be able to reach many more Dota 2 fans.

In a statement, Jenkins spoke highly of the news, explaining how excited he was about the partnership:

“I’m delighted to be an ambassador for a brand that puts so much effort into the growth of esports. GG.BET and I have a lot in common: a genuine love for Dota 2, a desire to create high quality content, and a huge audience of esports fans. Together, we’ll be able to show a whole new side of Dota, to amaze seasoned veterans and draw in some new blood. We’re cooking up a lot of content, including on- and offline activities. We’ll be playing Dota 2 together, having a great time, drinking some diet cola, visiting some awesome events, and playing Pudge in mid.”

It all kicks off with a special show on the 8th of September, which will take place on Jenkins’ Twitch channel. According to a press release, Jenkins’ fans will have the opportunity to compete for some top-tier prizes provided by GG.BET by predicting the winner of the Herald replay. It doesn’t end there, though – according to information, ‘Jenkins viewers and subscribers will be able to take advantage of exclusive offers from GG.BET.’

For more information on the platform, consider checking out our comprehensive GG.BET review.

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