GG.BET and Esports Charts reveal incredible insights from the Copenhagen Major

Published: Apr 4, 2024

Esports analytics company Esports Charts has published some incredible insights and statistics about the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 as part of a collaboration with online esports betting service GG.BET. The statistics and details for the first ever Counter-Strike 2 Major were unveiled today as part of a release and a new post on Esports Charts.

The insights dive into some of the CS2 betting statistics and essential minutiae of CS2’s first Major outing. For example, Esports Charts highlighted which teams were most successful in pistol rounds. Connected to this, if a team was successful in a pistol round, this would largely coincide with bets on the winners of each round. This meant savvy bettors were identifying which teams did well in pistol rounds, and using that info to predict overall winners.

In terms of the team that attracted the most bettors, Natus Vincere came out on top with a 10.79% share of bets on them winning the series, and a 15.17% share of bets on them winning the series with a 2-0 score. That meant Na’Vi bettors were the most confident in the team being able to seal the deal, with FaZe Clan close behind.

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Insights like this, and many more made up a comprehensive report on the CS2 Major. Talking on this collaboration between GG.BET and Esports Charts, the GG.BET press office released the following comment:

“GG.BET and Esports Charts have a lot in common; we both dig deep into tournaments and track every movement on the screen. Our specialists track hundreds of statistics and regularly provide unexpected insights. We came up with this project alongside Esports Charts so that we could share all the information we’d uncovered with the entire esports community. We’re confident that every reader will find something that fascinates them, especially considering that it concerns a tournament as important as the first ever CS2 Major.”

Esports Charts is already one of the premier destinations for analysis on esports streams. This collaboration with premier esports betting solution GG.BET has resulted in a level of insights that both fans and professionals can use going forward, whether that be in the coming weeks, or at the next CS2 event.

GG.BET Esports is a global esports betting brand with a presence in the UK, Ukraine, Europe, South America, and Asia. It offers bets on over 30 esports titles, as well as traditional and virtual sports, in hundreds of markets, every single day. The company also facilitates the development of esports with its support of tournaments, content, casters, and influencers.

Esports Charts is a leading livestream and esports data and analytics supplier who provide some of the best and most comprehensive statistics about the viewership of esports. The company also gathers details about live events, concerts, sports, and entertainment, positioning themselves as a key player in the esports industry. 

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