GG.Bet and Team Vitality Launch Prediction Game on V.Hive App

Published: May 22, 2023

Team Vitality’s app, V.Hive, has unveiled its newest feature: the Prediction Game. Presented in partnership with GG.Bet, the Prediction Game allows fans to bet the XP points that they have earned through their actions on the app on Team Vitality matches.

Established as one of the premiere CSGO betting sites, GG.Bet was a wise choice of partner for the new add-on, which gives even further features to the V.Hive community.

What is Team Vitality’s V.Hive App?

When the V.Hive app was launched back in November 2022, part of the process was for people to download the app and create their own bee-themed avatar.

The aim was to grow the community of Team Vitality fans by allowing users to interact with the different aspects of the app.

They could improve and upgrade their avatar by earning points (called XP) by performing a number of different tasks on the app, all related to supporting Team Vitality, one of the top CSGO teams in the world today.

The aim was for players to improve their global ranking by earning more XP, and in doing so unlock extra prizes and rewards from within the app.

ggbet team vitality prediction game

Originally, V.Hive was run in-house from Team Vitality’s Paris home and no other companies had been featured on the app, so GG.Bet are the first to do so, ostensibly by virtue of their long-standing partnership with Team Vitality’s CSGO team.

This has allowed Vitality to diversify its income streams from the app and also to the development of the Prediction Game.

How does the Prediction Game work?

The prediction game is simple in that it allows players to wager the XP that they have earned through the app on Team Vitality’s games in a wide variety of CSGO competitions and events.

GG.Bet’s esports experience means the company is perfectly positioned to be able to use its expertise to offer market-appropriate odds for customers bets on the V.Hive app.

Betting is simplified in that users are presented with a simple multiplier which will be what they win if their bet is a winner.

For example, if a player bet 100XP on Team Vitality to win a CSGO match and the prize was 3x their stake, then they would win 300XP.

With Team Vitality regularly in action across the world in numerous CSGO tournaments, this offers an exciting opportunity for fans to increase their XP and thus their global ranking on the app.

Team Vitality are fresh from two big wins in the CSGO scene in 2023 after landing first place at the IEM Rio 2023 tournament for a $100,000 prize and then following that up with first place on Sunday 21st May in the Paris Major 2023, which saw them pocket a $500,000 prize.

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