Giants Gaming Release DavidP and Ambi

Published: Dec 20, 2021

Giants Gamings have released the large majority of their roster and are now left with just a single player in their active lineup. Adolfo “Fit1nho” Gallego is the last man standing in Giants Gaming, but given how aggressive they’ve been with this recent roster shuffle, we can’t guarantee he’ll be staying either.

DavidP and Ambi were released a few days ago. An interesting fact about this duo is that they had joined the organisation at the same time, back in July of 2021, and they’re now both leaving together.

Preparations for 2022

The Spanish esports organisation is making some huge changes to their Valorant roster in preparation for the new VCT season.

Back on November 18th, Giants released hoody, Meddo, and pipsoN all at once. That move came shortly after the LVP – Rising Series – Finale where Giants were among the last four teams in the event.

There was another event that followed the Rising Series, Red Bull Home Ground #2, where the Giants finished 3rd. They did great in the group stage, but got completely obliterated by Acend in the semifinals. This could have been the last straw that made Giants Gaming act and begin this series of major roster changes.

With 4 empty spots in their roster, Giants Gaming have all the room they need to assemble a dream team for 2022. There will be plenty of potential candidates as many of the best Valorant players from Europe are not rushing to renew their contracts and are considering other options. If Giants Gaming play their cards well, they could perhaps come out with a monster team that will dominate the EMEA region next year.

DavidP and Ambi are Free Agents Now

Now that these two players have been released from Giants Gaming, it’s time for them to look for new opportunities elsewhere.

Losing a spot on any team always stings a bit, but the bright side is that the timing couldn’t have been better for them. There’s pretty much no major Valorant tournaments going on now, and all the best Valorant teams are on the lookout for replacements.

When it comes to DavidP, he’s an excellent player with a plethora of experience to boot. He began his Valorant journey with G2 Esports during a time when G2 was the dominant team in Europe. After a brief stay at Excel Gaming, DavidP joined Giants Gaming and spent nearly half a year with the Spanish squad.

With a resume like that, DavidP will certainly be scouted by one of the more ambitious Valorant teams.

He left a following message on his Twitter, where he further clarified which roles he’s capable of playing:

“To be clear and honest, I can basically play any roles except duellist. I mainly played Support and Controller since the start of the game but I’ve also started to play Sentinel and it is something that I would be open and happy to play!”

We’ll see what the future holds for these two Valorant players, and for Giants Gaming as well. We can probably expect more roster changes in the coming weeks.

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