Games have been announced for the 2021 Global Esports Games

Published: Jul 27, 2021

The Global Esports Federation has confirmed the major esports titles that will be included in the Singapore 2021 Global Esports Games. The Global Esports Games will begin with the Opening Ceremony on December 17th and conclude on December 19th, 2021.

The esports titles

The esports titles confirmed to be included in the Global Esports Games are the PC MOBA game DOTA 2, Konami’s eFootball PES 2021, and Street Fighter V.

This is a great mix of titles for the Singapore event. It will definitely be enticing for fans DOTA 2 esports and MOBA titles in general. eFootball is an interesting choice but Konami has been in a period of rebranding for PES and it is obvious that they want to become a major player in the esports soccer market. They will have a long way to go before they can rival FIFA but making the base multiplayer of eFootball free to play could see them compete with the likes of Rocket league rather than FIFA.

If you are interested in Street Fighter betting, this is a great chance to see some games played on an international level. However, there is one big omission from the list of games. There are no FPS titles at this esports event. This could be seen as an attempt to appeal to more traditional sporting events. The violence in esports titles and their lack of traditional sporting values has kept them from being recognised by the Olympics. By focusing on sports, fighting, and fantasy games, they could be avoiding the issues that other organisation might have with FPS titles.

Singapore 2021 Global Esports Games

Comment from the organisation

Chester King, GEF Vice-President and Co-Chair of the Technical, Standards & Properties Commission confirmed the titles at the first Team Preparation Guide Briefing and included a short statement:

“The Global Esports Games will further elevate esports on the world stage. We are proud to feature some of the world’s leading esports titles at the first ever GEG. We look forward to gathering our Member Federations and the world’s esports community at the global headquarters of the GEF in Singapore.”

The event

The Singapore 2021 Global Esports Games will run from the 17th to the 19th of December and will feature other events besides the three major esports titles announced by the Global Esports Federation. They will also be featuring Demonstration Events in which they want to show off active esports.

The game that they are focusing on for the Demonstration event is Freestriker. Freestriker is an immersive, non-contact virtual sport played using a precise, real-time motion tracking system called AXIS, which maps the player’s full-body movements to turn martial arts skills into gameplay. This looks like another attempt by the federation to appeal to the traditional sporting organisations.

They are also holding the GEFcon and GEFestival in parallel with the esports event. GEFcon is a convention of major players in the esports world and GEFestival is an event for fans that celebrates esports culture.

This event is definitely one to watch. I hope that they don’t water down the fun and excitement of an esports event by attempting to tailor it to a traditional market.

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