Global Grand Masters analysis – Ad Finem vs Virtus.Pro – June 22

Posted on June 21, 2016 - Last Updated on April 26, 2019

The Global Grand Masters tournament has begun with a lot of teams fighting to secure their spot for the grand finals. Some of the teams have shown their superior effort and collaboration while some are struggling hard to proceed to the next round.

On June 22, two best-of-two series will be played. Our complete analysis is below.

Kaipi vs. PowerRangers – 14:00 UTC

Kaipi_logo (1)Kaipi will face PowerRangers in the best-of-two series at Global Grand Masters on June 22.

Compared to PowerRangers, Kaipi’s current position is very strong and they are performing well in their recent tournaments. Kaipi are one of the leading new teams under the captaincy of Singsing, a professional player in the Dota 2 competitive scene.

Singsing has been able to keep the team together no matter the situation or tournament. The best thing about Kaipi is that they continue to fight even if they are very far behind.

On the other hand, PowerRangers did play very well following their recent roster changes, and Ar1se stepped into the captain’s role. From that very early point, PowerRangers began to dominate every single team, but as soon as the patch 6.87c came out, they began to lose their control in the Dota 2 professional tournaments.

As it stands now, their performance isn’t as good as it used to be.

Therefore, we project Kaipi having a chance to sweep PowerRangers in the best-of-two series at Global Grand Masters.

Series winner prediction




Bet range

Low – medium.

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Kaipi vs. Virtus.Pro – 16:30 UTC

600px-VirtusThe second series of the day will be played between Kaipi and Virtus.Pro.

As we mentioned above, Kaipi are playing really well and their recent tournament performances have been phenomenal. But looking at the recent performance of Virtus.Pro against the top professional Dota 2 teams, you’d have to say they’re a better team.

Not only that, but Fng is trying to improve on the drafting lineup.

This might be a close call but in our opinion, Virtus.Pro should be able to knock down Kaipi in the best-of-two series at Global Grand Masters.

Series winner prediction




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