GODSENT Sign IRIS to Compete in VCT Game Changers

Published: Mar 9, 2022

The Swedish esports organisation GODSENT decided to dip their toes into VCT: Game Changers by signing the all-female Valorant squad IRIS. The new GODSENT IRIS lineup will be looking to compete in the upcoming VCT: Game Changers EMEA Series 2.

GODSENT joins the ranks of G2 Gozen, Guild X, TENSTAR Nova, Alliance.Coven, and many others in VCT: Game Changers.

GODSENT Returns to Valorant

When we mention GODSENT, the immediate thought that comes to mind is their CS:GO lineup. That’s where they’ve been most active over the years and where they’ve achieved the majority of their success in the world of esports. However, they have been involved in a lot of other esports titles, including Valorant.

When Valorant was starting out in 2020, GODSENT jumped in early and formed a roster in May, 2020. They only played two tournaments before disbanding.

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The first event they attended was a closed beta tournament called Valhalla Invitational – Week 3. This was nowhere near the level of today’s Valorant Champions Tour and was more of a testing ground, rather than a top-tier tournament we’d expect in Valorant. Regardless, they went 0-3 in group B and didn’t make it to the playoffs.

The second tournament they appeared in was Epulze Valorant Prodigies. This tournament was held just days after the Valhalla Invitational so it was still in the same closed beta period. Just like last time, GODSENT finished dead last.

After that, the team went silent and members slowly started leaving. At some point, GODSENT decided to dissolve the team and stop competing in Valorant completely. The fact they’ve just signed an all-female IRIS lineup could perhaps lead to them rekindling the flame and also reviving their main lineup somewhere down the line.

The New Team

GODSENT IRIS is a team that has already been competing in VCT: Game Changers EMEA since the start of this year.

They appeared in VCT: Game Changers EMEA Series 1 in January and finished 13th-16th. An unfortunate upper bracket loss to noOrg led them to the lower bracket where they immediately faced Alliance.Coven and were eliminated.

Following their unfortunate entry in EMEA Series 1, the team appeared in Rix.GG’s Huntress Trials – February 2022 and performed much better this time. They defeated Prime in their first match and then defeated Alliance.Coven, the same team that eliminated them back in January.


IRIS were stopped in the semifinals by SuperMassive Blaze Female. They lost 2-1 but not without putting up one hell of a fight. The final match on Breeze went into overtime and they were so close to winning and making it into the grand finals.

While they didn’t win the tournament, they still secured a respectable 3rd-4th place which led them to where they are today. They clearly showed great potential, and hopefully they’ll be able to fulfil that potential in GODSENT.


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